Monday, August 12, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Fire Points and Prism Cannon Lance

Here are a couple of rules from last game.

JJ typing, Fire Points Grey Knights 5th ed codex pg 33

Fire Points: Two models can fire from the Rhinos [sic] top hatch.

Context: Purifiers inside Rhino was shooting at a Wave Serpent.  Shawn and Connor were talking about where passengers shoot from.  Either top hatch or circle portholes.  This was to determine where to measure from.  Looked this up one later.

Prism Cannon, Lance Eldar 6th ed codex pg 63

           Range S Ap Type
Lance    60"   9  1   Heavy 1, Lance

Context: Shawn was laying down some serious punishment with his Fire Prism.  After shooting with this profile I was wondering what he was doing.  Looked it up and apparently they added a new shooting profile to this weapon.  Somehow missed it in the first read.

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