Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dante Blood Angels Completed (5hr challenge)

Was given this bad boy to paint for someone special.  Decided to challenge myself.  Wanted to complete it in 5 hours.  I failed.  Completed it in 5h49m.  My armour.  I'm carrying too much weight.  I need to be-- I need to be faster.

Bit was missing.  First thing to do was procure another Infernus Pistol.  Thanks to LT for finding one.

JJ painting, one of the things 40k buddy Wade has told me is that I need to be faster.  Recently he said it to me regarding the amount of time it took me to paint the ebay wraithknight and crimson hunter.  Several months ago I asked Brandon from GMM studios several questions about commission painting.  He echoed Wade's comments.  Specifically he said "The more you paint the fast you get."  Decided to break several conventions of my standard painting with this model and try something different.  As Zab commented recently "base, wash, highlight."  Decided to try just that.  Thanks, Zab.

This is an example of three-colour minimum paint job.

Dante once again has his Infernus Pistol.

Airbrush Abaddon Black basecoat.

Ironbreaker for armour bits.

This is a birthday present from Shawn for one of his boys Ian.  Shawn was going to pick it up last night.  Decided instead of basing last, based it early in the painting process so the glue would have time to dry.

Time for the magic.  Gryphonne Sepia wash over armour.  It is quickly becoming one of my favourite washes.

Little clean up of black areas with Army Painter Mat Black.  Line Highlight armour with Auric Armour Gold.  I always knew there was a reason why I liked Dante more than any other Space Marine.  His armour is becoming molded to his millennium olde body.  You can see how it takes shape like Eldar psycho-active mesh and armour plates.

Iron Halo and shaft of axe Leadbelcher.  Handle Vermin Brown.

Blade Ice Blue.  Infernus Pistol Evil Sunz Scarlet, Flash Gitz Yellow and Leadbelcher.

Blood Angels accents painted Scab Red and Army Painter Mat White.  Purity seals Scab Red and Ushabti Bone.

Little blurry.  /sad panda

Critique away.

Want a free painted model like this one but amped several notches?  Here's your chance Link: Silver Gargoyle Productions Free Painted Model Giveaway.

slainte mhath


  1. That was fast and looks great. Nice trick with the shade over metal to tint it. That's how I do my alpha legion ;) Fuegan Orange from citadel is another nice one to put over silver colors to tint them Gold. It's a darker gold but still really nice.

    1. Thanks, Zab. Saw the silver wash tip online somewhere. Couldn't remember where. Now that you bring it up. Think it was your blog is where I saw the trick.

  2. That shade over the metal is genius! I saw the model in silver and got confused! That worked a charm though: great mini!!

    1. Thanks. Wish I would've thought of it. Saw it originally on some Fire Dragons. Looked beautiful. Think it was Zab's site.

    2. I think Mordian 7th used it on his Fire Dragons. I used the blue/green for my Alpha Legion. If you really want to see some cool tinting action check out the ghost tints from Badger. Les does a few short tuts on his blog at APJ with red and yellow ;)

    3. Thanks, Zab! Will have to go through his site to find them. Love Les's tutorials. Much respect for that guy.


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