Thursday, August 22, 2013

13.8.21 1850 Grey Knights vs Chaos Marines

Apparently need to relearn my army.  Got trounced, again, last night.

JJ playing, had a great evening with Bryan.  CONvergence Dealer's post mortem then a game of 40k afterwards.

Mission: Big Guns Never Tired 5 Objectives.  Deployment: Dawn of War.

Our theatre of trouble.

Chaos deploys.  Bryan does his standard deployment.  Even layout with units supporting each others shooting.

Grey Knights deploy.  Instead of going toe-to-toe with a shooting match against Plague Marines.  Deployed on far flank which will allow me to focus all my shooting on one part of his army while the other part has to walk across the board.

Attempted to seize.  Nope, CSM continue to go first.

Top of first.  First Blood to CSM for removing Assassin.  Also one Psyflemen is removed.  CSM 2 VPs.   The zombie pub crawl begins.

Bottom of first.  Psyhinos go over the wall and pop smoke.  Never did that before.  One combat squad comes out of each Psyhino.  Out of all the shooting only one Plague Marine is removed.

Top of second.  CSM continue their efficient shooting.  Obliterators, Defilers and some Plague Marines remove some Purifiers, cause a hull point on a Psyflemen.  Bryan's dice are good.

This is why I wanted to play Purifiers.  This twenty-seven zombie squad was brought down to eleven models with just two squads Cleansing Flame.  Then assault was rolled.

Bottom second.  One Purifier with a Hammer and two with Halberds, separate squads, shoot into zombies.  Remove a couple.  Those three will assault the zombies and be safe from shooting for a couple of turns.  Rest of Purifiers hop out of Psyhinos.  Finally an Obliterator takes a wound.

Top of third.  Zombies move towards near objective.  Defiles continues its spiderwalk across the board.  Battle cannon takes out some Purifiers.  A lot of shooting into Psyflemen, miss, can't glance or pen or cover save  It is unscathed this phase.  Few more Purifiers are removed due to plasma.  Plague Marines assault in and take out Hammer.

Bottom of third.  Things are not looking good for Grey Knights.  There's only so much one can do.  If luck is against you, you better put on a smile and enjoy the ride.  One moral victory is achieved.  Obliterator is removed off objective.  They are a solid unit.  Halberds are Nemesis Forced weaponed.  Want to keep those Purifiers alive.  If zombies are killed they will be removed in CSM next shooting phase.  While Typhus couldn't get in the fun last turn.  He'll probably join in this time.  Obliterator on far side takes a wound.  Great unit.  Crowe hops in Psyhino.  Two zombies remain of the original squad of thirty.

Top of fourth.  Typhus joins in and takes out the two Purifiers.  Made the test for Nemesis Force Weapon, failed to wound Typhus.  Plague Marines are covering a pass from the statue Purifiers are behind and objective Obliterators were on.  Any Purifiers moving into the pass they will be removed by plasma.  Zero sum game.  Typhus takes out one Psyhino.  One Psyflemen is wrecked.  Down to one of those.

Bottom of fourth.  Some shooting and a few Plague Marines are  removed.  Lucks waning a little bit.  Doesn't matter though.  Purifiers don't move to get that H4 Psycannon shot.  Crowe's Psyhino moves 12 to far objective.  Typhus takes a wound from shooting.  It's the small things in life.

Top of fifth.  More Purifiers are removed.  CSM shooting removes other Psyflemen.  Few Grey Knights remain on the field.

Bottom of fifth.  Crow's Psyhino arrives.  Couldn't disembark.  Some shooting, Typhus takes another wound from shooting.

Roll to see if game continues and 5 appears.  Onto turn six and more of this painful game.

Top of sixth unpictured.  Typhus continues his steady diet of Psyhino.  Two Purifiers are removed from CSM shooting.  Only two remain.

Bottom of sixth.  Not a lot of useful shooting.  Forget to disembark Crowe to contest left objective.  Not that it would've mattered at this point.  Crowe and Psyhino remove last two zombies.  Second moral victory for this game unlocked.

Bryan rolls for turn seven.  1 appears.  Game ends.

Lose 13-1 Chaos Space Marines

Bryan said my deployment wasn't helpful for my game.  While agree being behind the aegis and getting 4+ cover against plasma may have helped.  Don't think it would've mattered.  My Purifiers can't go toe-to-toe in a shooting matched his Plague Marines with Plasma.  One thing he mentioned during our post game is that focusing on the Defiler would've been useful because its Battle cannon easily removed Purifiers.  That I can agree with.

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