Sunday, October 13, 2013

13.10.12 1850 Deathwing vs Imperial Guard

Long time since I've last rolled the dice.  Decided to pull out an army from the past.  Figured some viewers might be getting tired of seeing Grey Knights.

JJ playing, met Shawn at Fantasy Flight for a game.

Wore my utilikilt and VNV Nation Automatic hoodie.

Mission: Emperor's Will.  Deployment: Vanguard Strike.

Won roll off decided to deploy and go first.  Shawn said this is going to be a fun game and we might know by turn three who's going to win the game.

Our theatre of tank movement.

Deathwing deployment.  Crusader has Deathwing Assault Terminators.  Four lightning claws and two hammers.  Belial and two 5 man terminators are deep striking in first turn.

Imperial Guard deployment.

Shawn attempted to seize and failed.

Top of first.  Both of our objectives are close to the centre line.  Mine in rocky area terrain.  His out in the open in front of the Leman Russes.  Deathwing assault leaves one terminator squad going into ongoing reserves because mishap for scattering on impassible terrain.  Shawn was extremely nice.  Rolled a 1.  Shawn said to roll again and that it's horrible to lose a deep striking squad that way.  Quite nice of him.  Thanked him.  Belial's squad comes down behind Leman Russ line.  Two hull points later from assault cannon shooting they are ready for some Land Raider Lascannons.  Leman Russ explodes and takes out Terminator with the assault cannon.  Doh!

Bottom of first.  Leman Russ that was immobilised in previous turn is abandoned and every other Leman Russ points their attention to Belial and friends.  Only Belial remains with one wound left.

Top of second.  Crusader high tails it to Leman Russ Punishers behind far building.  Belial moves behind immobilised Leman to get out of line of sight.  Don't want 20 shots just plugging away at Terminators all game.  Time to be extremely aggressive.  5 Terminators from ongoing reserves doesn't scatter and come down behind Punishers.  Two hull points and immobilisation later I'm feeling pretty good.  Land Raiders take out Leman Russ that was mobile.  Deathwing 1 VP.

Bottom of second.  Valkyries arrive, separate squads.  Also Company Commander also arrives.  Both IG Warlord and Belial have the same Warlord Trait, kill enemy warlord in assault +1 VP.  Belial is removed.  IG 1 VP.  A lot of shooting at 5 Terminators and two remain.

Top of third.  Terminators leave Crusader to assault Leman Russ Executioner.  Not a fan of those Plasma rounds.  Need to eliminate those AP 2 weapons.  Land Raider shoots at Valkyrie, nothing.  Other shoots at immobilised Leman, nothing.  Two terminators assault far Punisher and nothing.  Terminator with power first and hammers take out Executioner.  Loving how quickly Leman Russes are being disabled. 

Bottom of third.  Sentinels outflank and shoot at two Terminators along with Punishers.  One is removed.  Company Command squad moves into area terrain more.  Shawn knows my Assault Terminators are coming after them next.  I need to get them to an objective and going through IG Warlord seems the shortest route.

Top of fourth.  Looking back might have been a good idea to embark on the Crusader and have it take the assault Terminators to the IG objective.  Terminators move to IG HQ.  Crusader shoots and removes a Sentinal.  Shawn used some 40k game tactics to save a Sentinal from exploding.  Nicely done, brother.  Immobilised Leman is holding fast against Land Raiders shooting.

Bottom of fourth.  Finally enough shooting from Leman Russ and Crusader is wrecked.  It lost its Multi-melta the turn before.  One Punisher and two Sentinels shoot at lone Terminator and he lives.  Shawn has Valkyries go hover and takes out the Assault Terminators coming for IG HQ and objective.

Top of fifth.  Land Raider shoots at Valkyrie it takes a hull point.  Other explodes.  Four veterans inside die.  Explosion takes with it the IG Warlord.  Hell yeah!  That gave me a great laugh.  Shawn failed his Look Out, Sir! roll.  Deathwing 2 VP.  Lone Terminator takes out Punisher behind far building.
Bottom of fifth.  More Punisher and Sentinel shooting and lone Terminator survives because of heavy exoskeleton protecting his body.  Valkyrie dumps 10 Veterans and 6 nearby start moving to IG objective.  I need a sixth turn to lay a lot of Land Raider shooting into those squads to cause Leadership rolls or eliminate them.  Valkyrie shoots at Land Raider nothing.  Right now looks like IG has the game.

Die roll to see if we go into turn six.  4 appears.  Here comes turn six and my chance to win the game.

Top of sixth.  A lot of Land Raider shooting, plenty of misses, and only 4 Veterans remain.  They go to ground for some save, doesn't help.  They make their Leadership roll both times.  Lone Terminator takes out last Punisher.

Bottom of sixth.  Sentinels shoot missiles at lone Terminator and his armour continues to remain strong.  Six Veterans arrive to secure objective.  There are two squads, one 4 other 6.  I need turn seven to possibly pull off a win.

Roll the dice and 2.  Game ends Imperial Guard win.

Should've tank shocked a Land Raider onto the objective.  Veterans couldn't have been with 3" and thus denied them it and won the game.  Wasn't til later talking with Shawn about it.  He said he was surprised that I didn't so that.  Told him I thought about it in turn 4 but forgot and said they could still capped the objective because the Land Raider hull isn't 3" wide.  Then measured and said could've capped it because the veterans can't assault the tank and would've won.  Something to remember for next time.

Lose 4-2 Imperial Guard.

slainte mhath


  1. love the bit on him rerolling on the mishap table! thats the mark of a good game; the opponent is willing to relinquish a tactical advantage for the other guy's benefit. it does suck to lose a squad like that turn 1!

    1. Yeah, it was quite solid of Shawn to let me keep the squad of Terminators. He's a great player to play with. Fun guy as well.


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