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Adepta Sororitas Codex

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Edits in red

So are you wondering what is the new state of the codex Adepta Sororitas?

Some things are better, some are different, and some are worse. In general there are many more changes than I thought they would introduce (I originally thought they would basically just reprint the WD codex).

So the better:
Exorcists -10 points
  • Solid unit for fewer points make it a win
Ministorum Priests -20 points
  • Extra options still make these expensive
  • New ability War Hymns can give his unit reroll failed armor and invulnerability saves, give the priest Smash, or give his unit reroll on wounds
Arco-flagellents -5 points
  • Seems they get the extra attack for 2 weapons now
Immolator -20 points for Multi-melta version
Heavy Flamer -10 points
Simulacrum Imperialis -10 points and different
Neural Whip
  • Has Shred special rule if majority LD is 8 or lower, so re-roll wounds
Condemnor Boltgun -5 points
  • Still probably not worth taking except Psykers are more prevalent, so maybe 1
  • Causes Perils of the Warp on a hit to the unit (so I am unclear if that is every Psyker in the unit each suffers the Peril or what)
Shield of Faith
  • Added Adamantium Will
The different:
St.Celestine +20 points
  • Only 1 get up from death
  • added Hit and Run
  • In assault, first thoughts are she wants to be with a Priest to get re-roll armor saves and invulnerable saves, which kind of leaves the Seraphim without her to run around with.
Uriah Jacobus +10 points
  • No give unit FNP
  • Instead give models within 12" Fearless and Counter-attack
  • Gives Shield of Faith models in unit 5+ invulnerable
Basically the same:
  • Hand Flamers reduced to -10 points from before, but act of Faith is 1 use per game
  • Do not and can not get a Simulacrum Imperialis
  • Faith changed to Ignores Cover
Celestians -1 points
  • Faith is Furious Charge
  • Still not good on their own for assault
  • So her faith power gives Hatred, but you can get a Priest for 40 points less and get always Fearless and Hatred (no need to roll for a Faith power), Huh?
  • Why would someone take her, certainly not to get the Command Squad

Sororitas Command Squad
  • Faith Changed to gets Fleet, Crusader, and Move Through Cover in the assault phase
  • Crusader just in the assault phase only gives +D3 on sweep rolls.
  • Move Through Cover in the assault phase only gives ignore charging through Dangerous Terrain.
Death Cult Assassins (only have power swords)
Crusaders (only have power swords)
Retributor squads (Heavy Bolters are +5 points/model, and faith changes)
Eviscerators +5 points
  • Only on Canonesses and Priests
Penitent Engines -5 points
  • I was hoping for more like -20 points (mostly since Heavy flamers they have went down by that amount, I know that's not how those things are calculated, but they still seem overpriced).
  • Reduced in number of attacks to 3
  • Lost extra attacks on unsaved wounds
Repentia -3 points
  • New faith gives 3+ FNP
  • Although they lose always on FNP
  • 1 time use whether you pass or fail
  • You can spend +10 points on a Veteran Superior to get +1 LD to pass just a little more often
  • You can spend +10 points to try to use your faith a second time.
  • Most Faith powers are not good enough to maybe work and then only once, unless you spend more points. It is hard not to look at other codex armies that just get special rules on every turn always.
Arch Confessor Kyrinov
  • He's got a flavor text paragraph and his mace is there, but he's on vacation.


  1. Condemnor Combi-Bolter: "Still probably not worth taking..."?

    As worded every model in the unit suffers a Perils Of The Warp if the shot hits. Not takes a wound, just hits.

    Players of what is arguably the most powerful build in the meta, Screamer star, just crapped their pants!

    1. It doesn't say every model in the unit suffers a Perils of the Warp, but that is probably the most RAW interpretation for the "Any unit ... suffers the Perils of the Warp in addition to any other damage." would seem to imply the entire unit, but would that include even non-psyker models?

  2. Jeeze ... that is a disappointment. I was hoping for some loving from GW. What is with them lately? They seem to have a hate on for all things Imperial. If it's zenos, then they get the cool and overpowered stuff. This is just wrong.

    If they were going to nerf the Sisters so bad , how about some new units? Like more troop choices or a kickass flyer?

    Freakin GW ........

    1. I don't think this codex could get "nerfed" much past where it's been for the last few years. This isn't an exhaustive list of the differences, and I don't think it's right to pass judgement so harshly or quickly without having personally read the codex in it's entirety.

    2. Right and wrong, I don't really think it is any better or worse than the last one, just different. Some stuff is better and others worse, which was the main thrust of the post. It would probably be accurate to say St. Celestine and Uriah Jacobus were nerfed, but that was also probably needed.

    3. Even in these old codexes, there are some powerhouse units that do need to get knocked down a peg or two. Usually, they don't upset game balance too much because the rest of their army is suffering from old age.

  3. I play sisters unlike a lot of people commenting around the web even with the wd codex and don't think the new codex is that bad. Every one knew Celestine was going up in points and most likely her imortality. She was way too awesome and besides I oh lost her once a battle anyhow, then took a couple of turns to get her back with the 4+ roll. As for Dominion well I'm sure most SOB players used them with melts anyway , which is also stated in the tactics on the web and immolators with multi melta, so free multi meltas are a plus. With Rets, well I failed to use faith a lot, forgot to use a lot so really, this new faith system seems ok at lest and its not designed to be relied upon to win in any case, just a bonus to use at your choosing. I think a lot of the complaints are from people that want a uber easy win Killy thing and don't want to use what we have and design tactics around it so realistically they should play Necons or something like that instead and leave sisters to the real generals

    1. Oh, silly Necrons. Will they never learn?
      I just want to see some more armies on the table, the diversity of armies being played is growing and I like that.

    2. It is hard, but I try not to dwell on the bad. It just promotes bad feelings and kills any desire to play for me. Anyone else not liking the rules for whatever should pick something else, either another codex, game, homebrew with friends, or whatever. Just being negative about something is not good for something that is supposed to be fun/hobby.

      I think most who are constructively negative would like to have all units be relatively level as far as usability. It seems to me that Repentia, Penitent Engines, and probably Celestians are still pretty bad to take for really anything. Also giving DCA and Crusaders just power swords hurts, but is probably how it should have always been.

      It seems like a lot of the changes are very assault oriented, which is good in some respects, but doesn't make them into anything that is good at assault. So it still seems like you don't want to be in assault in most cases, so spending points to be marginally better at something you are still marginal in seems a waste of points. As I mentioned elsewhere, a big blob of Battle Sisters with a priest could certainly be a good tarpit, and is a new valid tactic but that only goes so far.

    3. Yeah, it should bring sisters out for at least a little bit, and does show work has been done on the codex as a whole. I don't think anyone thinks they are a finished codex yet (or at least shouldn't).

      Overall I would have to say "Good job GW thanks for working on the Adepta Sororitas, but we still want a full release."

  4. Predating the Sisters of battle Release in '97, there was an already functional Sororitas setup, in the release of the 2nd Edition box set and the "Warhammer 40,000: Codex Army Lists"

    So much more fun. :)


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