Monday, October 28, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Deep Strike, Warlord Trait and Vehicle Moving after Embarking

Here are several rules from last game.

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Deep Striking, 40k6 pg 36

If any of the models in a deep striking unit cannot be deployed, because at least one model would land partially or fully off the table, in impassable terrain, or on top of friendly model, or on top of or within 1" of an enemy model, something has gone wrong.

Context: Was deep striking Belial with terminators.  Opponent thought units can't deep strike within 2".  Informed it was 1".

Companion of Humanity, 6th ed Space Marines Codex p 76

If your Warlord cause the enemy Warlord to be removed from play as the result of a challenge, he scores D3 extra Victory Points in addition to the usual amount earned for slaying the enemy Warlord in this scenario.

Context: Emperor's Champion rolled this trait.  I thought it might replace Slay the Warlord VP.  Bryan told me different.  He was right.

Vehicle moving after being Embarked, 40k6 pg 78

If the vehicle did not move before its passengers got aboard, it can move as normal after they have embarked.

Context: Bryan asked about vehicles moving after a squad embarks.  Wanted his Black Templars to get back in the Land Raider Crusade.  Was unsure and looked it up.  As long as the vehicle hasn't moved it can move after squad embarks it.

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