Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Radagast the Brown with Sebastian part 1

Neil won link: Free Model Giveaway in Sept.  Contacted him and this is the model he wanted.

JJ painting, here's a quick run down of our email conversation regarding what he wanted for a free model.

Here's the email conversation with Neil.


Congratulations on winning a free high-quality painted model.  You had a clever line with your comment.  Nicely done.

What would you like and how do you want it painted?  Do you had a link to the model in question.  It would be a 25mm model.

Hi JJ,

Wow! I usually enter into things like this with the assumption I am not going to win.. so this is great!

As for the model- I'd be interested in a GW Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit model. Specifically, Radagast the Brown

As for how he is painted- the suggested paintjob from GW is fine, though some attention so Sebastian (the hedgehog) and the crystal in his staff would be nice.

Thank you so much!

While enjoying Jakeeno's with my Love she mentioned that it would be a good idea to let people know where you are at with the Free Model Giveaway.  Instead of leaving the winner wondering what is happening it would be a good idea to keep him informed.  I smirked with knowledge and she took it the wrong way.  Little did she know I placed the order for Radagast two weeks before and was told its out of stock at Games Workshop.  Received the model last Thurs and informed Neil when I would be working on his model.  My schedule has changed a bit.  Moved it up a day.  As of now the work in progress isn't pretty.  Going with the Zab method.  Give me til next session and you'll start seeing it coming together.

Airbrush Army Painter Mat Black basecoat.

Vermin Brown for outer coat, Army Painter Uniform Grey for pants and hat, Balor Brown for under clothe and shoulders.

Ushabti Bone for flesh.

Tallarn Flesh for beard.

I'll admit he's nothing special to look at now.  Give me another session to really show how he pops.  This type of model and colour scheme is complete different than what I normally paint.  We're looking at earthen tones, warm colours and flesh.  I'm not a fan of helmetless models in 40k.  Painted an Ultramarine crawling away from an Avatar of Khaine and his helmetless head turned out surprisingly well.  I do have one genuine concern with this model.  I'll cover that in a future post.

Neil, hopefully Radagast is meeting your expectations so far.

slainte mhath


  1. Looking good. Are you worried about the eyes? Paint them in first and then fill in the flesh around them. It's a bit tedious when doing the face, but cuts down on mistakes and touch ups later. I stripped many a mini from what I call "mud face" before learning that trick. ~sigh~ Stupid hindsight. Why do you mock me so?

    1. HIndsight mocks me often as well. I was also thinking about the eyes. Since I'll be hitting the face with several washes planned on painting them last. There's a lot of age in his face which will require detailing. Here's to not the eyes not messing up too much.

  2. Looks great! I'm a very amateur painter myself so seeing lots of different base coats/layering and such always leaves me in awe of the forethought that has to go into painting models so wonderfully.
    Yesterday a new Hobbit trailer came out and today I get to see the first steps towards a painted Radagast- it's turning into a Hobbit-filled week!

    1. Thanks, Neil. As I paint your Radagast I'll go into more detail of my thoughts of how I pulled off the colours.

      Great to hear your week has brought you pleasant news.


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