Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wraithguard/blades part 3

Last weekend was great for working on models.  Quite pleased with the amount done.  After doing the spiritstones I believe it will be all down hill.  Think more than twenty spiritstones will be painted on each Wraithguard.

JJ painting, these are works in progress.

Commission for Toni.

138 hours remain.  Now you may notice a discrepancy with the thigh plates.  After my first work I noticed there were some sprue scars, thanks, Connor, and frankly Toni deserves better.  Tore them off and cut out the other thigh plates and shaved them appropriately to avoid sprue scars of the previous thigh plates.  Looks much better.

What is a sprue scar?  As Connor described it to me.  A sprue scar is the mark a bit has when its cut from the sprue.  Effectively material cut from the model when removing it from the sprue.

slainte mhath

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