Saturday, October 12, 2013

blog roll

If you'd like your blog added to "Immortals amongst us" on the right.  Post the link here and it'll be added within a day.

slainte mhath


  1. Hey dude, asking on here as its not wargame related. Do you get "Fake" pageviews from various websites? I'm regularly seeing referrels from websites like "" "" "" and seemingly someone is using pay-per-click links to link to me blog.

    Do you have this problem?

    1. I've noticed similar issue. If you happen to have a different view counter and compare them to your Stats Overview you'll notice that blogspot Overview is about three times as many.

      Blood of Kittens is a blogroll for anyone who uses linked in widget. They are great at gathering information for their viewers. Quite genius if you ask me.

      As you are aware there are things called bots. Search engine that collect information and store it for use. Making a thinking error, most blog views are from bots. Dare I saw over half of the views blogs get a day are from bots always running through the web collecting data. The assumption, am probably wrong here, is that bots provide about 66% of you page views. I come up with this number from information above. The revolvermaps globe in the lower right corner shows about 1/3 of the hits blogspot Overview shows.

      In a funny way. Bots boost our egos making us think more people visit our blog than actually do. Go, bots! Thanks for the view counts.

    2. Glad I'm not the only one to notice it.
      Maybe I should get one of those Revolverglobes on my blog. It would at least settle my mind knowing real people check my blog.

    3. The globe will help you determine a number of hits to your blog. Not sure if that is entirely accurate either. If you add one now you'll probably have to keep in mind that it has been added to your blog long after blogspot has been counting your views.

      Personally I love the revolvermaps globe because it tells you were people are when they are looking at your blog. I'm often terribly surprised by the number of views coming from Minneapolis/St Paul metropolitan area and near by country townes that visit this blog. Often wonder who these people are and if I know them.

      For all the readers of this post. Thanks for visiting H2Lat40K!


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