Monday, October 14, 2013

Adding Time to the Clock, 171 Hours Challenge

Getting the rest of the squad up to the same standard as the first isn't nearly as time consuming as I expected.

JJ painting, part of the commission has changed.  Previous medium quality models have been upgraded to high quality.  This will be a pleasant challenge and a should be a damned beautiful army when its done.

Didn't get a lot of time at the table this week, unfortunately.  Wanted to paint spirit stones on the other four last night.  However real life had other plans for me.  That is tonights task.  Perhaps move onto highlighting.  Looks there will be at least two more parts til Dire Avengers are actually completed.  Then onto Wraithguard/blade.  Good news is besides my standard weekly events nothing else will keep me from the table.  Looking forward to the weekend, yes already, when I can dump a lot of time into the murder table.

Example of JJ plus level of painting.

Shawn stopped by after our game on Sat and looked at the Dire Avengers.  He said "Wow!  They look even better in person."  He was truly impressed.

What is the challenge?  The amount of time to paint the army to make the same amount of money for my daytime gig.

158.5 hours remain.

slainte mhath


  1. Those really are looking great man! Keep up the fantastic work!


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