Friday, October 25, 2013

13.10.24 1850 Deathwing vs Black Templars

Another game with my Deathwing.  It was a fun game.  This was a bit unexpected.  Thought Bryan would bring his Chaos Space Marines.  Instead he brought his Black Templars.

JJ playing, met Bryan at Fantasy Flight for a game.

Wore my CONvergence No Hope satire t-shirt of Obama's Hope campaign.

Bryan wanted to do a different mission.  One we made up together.  One objective in the middle of the board then roll a scatter dice to see where it moves to.  Name of the mission: Supply Drop.  A scattered Relic mission.  My favourite in sixth ed.

Mission: Supply Drop 1 Objective.  Deployment: Dawn of War.

Our stage of maneuvering.  Medical freight in near the middle is the objective.

Won roll off.  Decided to deploy and go first.

Deathwing and Black Templars deployment.

Bryan rolls to seize initiative and 6 appears.  He goes first.

Top of first.  Some Hunter-killer missiles and nothing.  Bryan forgot to move.

Bottom of first.  I also forgot to move.  Was too busy dropping Belial and a squad behind his Dreadnoughts and shooting to think about moving Land Raiders.  Spent about 8 mins moving deep striking models around so they can remain on the board and be outside of an inch of an enemy model.  Bryan said he was going to "be that guy."  Told him I don't blame him.  This should be the time to be quite specific.  Don't want non-scattering deep striking units getting rear shots at Dreadnoughts.  Deathwing squad takes a Dreadnoughts Lascannon.

Top of second.  Land Raiders move a bit.  Black Templars shooting softens the Deathwing for the Emperor's Champion and his squad to assault.  Squad is removed.  4 Victory Points to Black Templars.  Slay the Warlord, First Blood and 2 extra because of Champion's Warlord trait.  I'll eventually learn not to give up Slay the Warlord so easily.  Should've learned from Crowe.

Bottom of second.  Other squad of Deathwing come down.  Crusader moves to objective.  Inside is a squad of Assault Terminators.  Some shooting from my Land Raiders, LR hereafter, to Black Templars LR and a hull point is removed.

Top of third.  Black Templars start high-tailing it to objective.  Some shooting and a Terminator is removed.

Bottom of third.  Moving Deathwing squad to objective and to get out of line of sight.  My LR shoot at his LRC and one is removed.  Squad inside takes casualties.  Fails Morale and falls back.  Was a bit happy.

Top of fourth.  Black Templars take the route around the hill in attempt to stay out of LR shooting.

Unpictured: Bottom of fourth a.k.a Multi-melta gamble.  Move my LRC to get armourbane at his LRC.  Rolled a 1 on Armour Pentration.  Top of fifth.  Champion with squad get out and are ready to assault the Terminators inside LR.  My gamble went the way I didn't want it to.  His LRC Multi-melta'd my LRC and it exploded.  Finally a Black Templars Dreadnought puts a hull point on one of the LRs.

This has to be the quickest I've learned from a previous mistake.  Put storm shields in front knowing that that the squad would get shot by the squad.  3++ is easier to make than 5++.

Bottom of fifth.  Some shooting whittles down the Champions squad.  Assault Terminators charge the squad.  Love those Lightning Claws.

Time to see if we are onto turn six.  If game ends it will be 4-3 Black Templars.  Bryan rolls the die and 5 appears.  Turn six here we come.

Top of sixth.  Champion is slowly hacking away at Assault Terminators.  Dreadnought with flamer and close combat weapon assaults Deathwing on objective.  Two are removed.

Bottom of sixth.  One LR shoots into troop squad in the back.  Other takes a hull point from far Dreadnought.  Flamer Dreadnought removes last two Deathwing.  It has done a great job.

Lose: 4-0 Black Templars.

Learning my Deathwing far faster than Grey Knights.  Last game I had my storm shields in poor positions to take advantage of their 3++.

slainte mhath

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