Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wraithguard/blades part 4 Not Enough Magnets GRRRRRRR!

Merry All Hallows Eve, 40k'ers.  Hope you have a sordid party planned this evening.  I'll be working on Toni's Eldar.

JJ modeling, these are works in progress.  I'm going to sum up Mon nights modelling with one phrase "Are you kidding me?!"  Ordered another 100 magnets and like usual received more than 100.  Used them all up magnetising the Wraithguard/blades.  The great news is out of the 124 magnets I've installed only three were backwards.  Quickly correct them.  The arms above have two magnets each.  One for each shoulder and wrist.  That is twenty.  The torsos have twenty, one for left and right shoulder.  Right now that is forty magnets.

Each Ghost blade arm has a magnet.  Fifty and counting.

Right arm has magnet in each shoulder and wrist connection.  This arm is used for both Ghost axe and blade.  Twenty magnets.  Seventy and counting.

Need more magnets

Left arm with the Forceshield has a magnet in each shoulder.  Ten magnets.  Eighty and counting.

Right hand has a Ghost axe each wrist has a magnet.  Ten magnets.  Ninety and counting.

Need More Magnets.

Again, each right hand has a Ghost blade each wrist has a magnet.  Ten magnets.  100 and counting.

This is where it jumps back up.  Each D-scythe has two magnets.  One in right shoulder and other in left wrist that connects to arm.  120 magnets, still not done.

Link: Not enough magnets. Probably same reason why Neo won. Not enough Smiths.

Like D-scythes, Wrathcannons have two magnets each.  However I'm four magnets short of completing the work.  Started looking around for stray little magnets to see if I can finish it.  Didn't find any.  Ordered more magnets.  Total 140 magnets.  Thought it would only take sixty magnets.  Was wrong, doh!

Good news is they look beautiful with all the options.  Check it out!  Great call, Toni.

Was a bit worried about the wraithcannons and d-scythes and how they would fit together.  The magnets in the left arms to the left hand on the guns fit appropriately and it looks damned good.  In my opinion.

slainte mhath


  1. That is a whole lotta magnets! Never fails when working up a project like this - one is always two or three bits short in the end!

    1. You're right, Mordian7th. Didn't occur to me til you said it. Always a bits short when it comes to projects like this. Perhaps I should've measured twice/cut once before my last order.



    1. Damned funny, Zab. Might get the app for my phone. There should be a cricket app for phones so you clickly play it when someone supposed to say something but no one does.


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