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12.5.17 2k Noir Engel vs Tyranids

Joe x, one of the cool players and possibly the most fun to play against because he is entertaining and easy going, saw me playing my Dark Eldar, before I decided to finish painting them, and wanted to play me.  Told him yeah, but I wanted a rematch with my Space Noir Engels (lit. trans. Black Angels a.k.a. Dark Angels) army again first.  Well finally had my chance to play his Tyranids again after my humiliating defeat last time.

First game against Joe x was horrible.  First game was the same list against his Tyranids in Annihilation, again is there any other mission? And Dawn of War.  Which means my Devastator squads are screwed.  He flanked with two Genestealer squads.  Didn't know it at the time, now I do.  Walked my heavy weapons on far corners right next to the table edge where his Genestealers flanked from.  He had me tabled at top of third.  People were telling me it wasn't pretty to watch.  I replied "I wasn't pretty to play!"

Met at Fantasy Flight later than I wanted.  Was having some car trouble.  Still managed to squeeze in a 2k battle in less than 2.5 hrs.

Wore my 'Fill to here with MN beer' t-shirt.  It has a line in the middle of the chest above the words.  One of favourite shirts.  Purchased it from Autumn Brew Review.  Enjoy a link from 2009 I attended.  I'm in one of the pics.  Guess which one.

Mission:  Annihilation (are there any other missions).  Deployment:  Pitched Battle (Yay!)  Joe x is the first player in a couple of years that we put together the field.  Usually I start placing things on the field and make it balanced.  Since I was late and wanted to get down to dice rolling I wasn't too worried about balance.  Joe x and I started throwing things around the table til it looked ok.

Noir Engels army.  Pretty much Mechanicus Army.  All vehicles are painted half red and half chapter colours.  So is Master of the Forge and Techmarines.  Servitors are in standard red.  Marines have red markings to distinguish squads and heavy weapon units.  When I first started playing this game I saw a model in a Rogue Trader book painted half red half another colour I've always wanted to do that with marines.  Finally started one over a year ago.

Noir Engel:
Master of the Forge with four servitors.  Two techmarines with four servitors.  Each squad of servitors has two heavy bolters.  Two drop pods with 10 man tactical unit.  10 man devastator with four lascannons with Razorback with twin-linked lascannon.

Doom.  Three Tervigons, one is HQ.  Three Trygons.  Two hormagaunt squads.  Four hive guard.  Big squad of Gargoyles.

Joe x won roll off and decided to deploy and go second.  He attempted to seize and didn't happen.

Noir Engels deployment.  Plan is bubble wrap with over-lapping lines of fire.  Razorbacks provide 4+ cover saves for Techmarine and servitors behind it.  Techmarine is in base contact to repair weapon, which I completely forgot about!  grrr.  Devastator squad is behind them so only 4 Lascannons have LOS (Line of Sight) without any intervening models providing cover.  Master of the Forge and his custom Servitors are behind bunker, which he bolstered to 3+ cover.  Never had to use it.  You can't see the Thunderfire Cannon in the lower left corner.  Which is rather funny because I didn't see it til second turn.  Couldn't fire it in first turn.  double grrr.

Top of first.  Drop pod assault.  Forge World Deathwing Assault Cannon drop pod sticks and tactical marines come out.  Little do I know I will quickly appreciate the resilience of Space Marines.  Which I really Hate.  Then perform my Alpha Strike of Heavy Bolter and Lascannon shots.  Some Tyranids take wounds, not enough though.  Joe x is smart.  He has placed a long large squad of Gargoyles before all is other models providing most of them with a 4++.  Monstrous creatures on the other hand.  Plenty of Gargoyles die to Heavy Bolter shots.  Tactical squad from drop pod do use flamer and rapid fire bolter shots and eliminate 1 of the hormagaunt squads.

Bottom of first.  Tyranids move up.  Hive Guard are good at affecting one razorback.  It can't shoot next round.  One Tervigon produces hormagaunts and burns out.  Double 4.  Joe x sends those against the 10 tactical squad in the far corner.  That will be 23 hormagaunts the tactical squad will enjoy killing.  They do lose some.  Not enough to lose their combat effectiveness against the relentless numbers of Tyranids.

Top of second.  More alpha striking and remove one Trygon.  Wounded the other HQ.  Waiting for the Doom to arrive and do his thing and for me to do the same thing I did last game.  Tactical squad behind tower kills all hormagaunts except one.  I'm kind of liking Space Marines resilience after playing Eldar, Dark Eldar and Necron recently.  Really looking forward to getting my Grey Knights army.  Heavy Bolters continue to fire into Gargoyles.  Finally I remember I have a Thunderfire Cannon and my Master of the Forge has a Conversion Beamer.  Neither fired in first turn.  That really stinks!

Bottom of second.  Doom arrives as he did before.  Taking one servitor with his psychic vampire power.  Tyranids immobilised far Razorback and take its twin-linked Lascannon.  Completely forgot about repairing the weapon.  Hell it's the only reason I'm running this army.  Techmarines fix stuff!  Like twin-linked lascannon especially with four servitors for practically an automatic success.  Trevigon wrecks the drop pod, doesn't take a wound going through dangerous terrain.

Top of third.  Go Lascannons taking down the second Trygon!  It would've received Feel No Pain rolls from Missile Launchers.  Looks like my Lascannon/Mechanicus army is useful for something (eyes darting).  Tactical squad in far corner continues to live after taking down over 20 Hormagaunts.  Sadly their turns are numbered.  Doom is numbered as well.  Razorback in front of it turns its turret and removes it from the board with twin-linked Lascannons.  Thank goodness that invulnerable save didn't help!  Exact same thing happened last time with Doom.  I both love and hate that model because of its background.  I have a soft spot for Eldar.

Bottom of third.  Tervigon HQ makes hormagaunts.  Other Tervigons are burned out due to doubles.  Sends the last wave of babies into the Tactical squad in the back.  That squad has remained locked in combat since bottom of first.  Their fuel is about to be exhausted.  Sergent is the last to survive.  He falls back.  Consider going into Assault in the next turn but he has a power fist.  Can't dive into difficult terrain from the drop pod because the Tervigon's foot print is larger than the terrain.  That's one dead marine.  Trygon gets so close to taking on Master of the Forge with his servitors but rolls a 1 and two 2's.  Can't assault, love it!

Top of fourth.  Sergent continues to move away.  Didn't think about running.  Not that it would've mattered, hormagaunts would've caught up.  Noir Engels shooting takes down last Trygon.  Extra shots go into Tervigon hoping to take it down.  Not able to.  My other drop pod of tactical marines are having a party in the ship.  They must be playing 100 bottles of ambrosia.  Wish I was playing that game.

Bottom of fourth.  It took 38 Hormagaunts to take down the 10 man Tactical Squad from the drop pod that landed in the first turn.  Kept taking down squad after generated squad.  True to Joe x's game plan, persistence and Tyranid tactics the little guys finally brought down the Sergent with a power fist  Tervigon finally gets to the front line and takes on Master of the Forge.  He doesn't have very good gear.  No invulnerable save.  My guess is in 6th they will allow him to buy an Iron Halo, because marines are constantly beefed up every edition while other races are toned down.  Tervigon HQ spawns more babies.  Spawning babies makes me feel good.  Sort of like an ego boost.  The more little stuff placed onto the field that my army immediately removes feels great!

Top of fifth.  Devastator squad takes out assaulting Gargoyle.  Finally drop pod with other tactical squad comes down.  They wipe out hiding hormagaunt unit in back field.  Daylight is burning, we have 14 mins til store closes.  Joe x is a great guy and fun player.  We have been able to move, move, move.  I arrived late about 9:35pm.  Store closes at midnight.  We've been going at a good clip.  It also helps when you use an army that doesn't have to move.  Which always seems to take some time with my Dark Eldar.  Techmarine behind near Razorback comes into the fray to help out the Master of the Forge.  Now that I have three S8 ignore save weapons the Tervigon will go down.  Unfortunately it doesn't.

Bottom of fifth.  One thing I love about marines is there ability to change the course of the enemy.  Joe x turns several of his forward advancing Tyranids around to take out drop pod and tactical marines.  Relieves a lot of pressure from my main front.  Tervygon explodes drop pod.  Couple of marines go with the explosion.  Tyranids can't take down the 10 man tactical squad fast enough.

Win.  7-6 Noir Engels vs Tyranids.  Was 7-5 til the last turn when Joe x was able to explode the drop pod.

A little pic to help me in the future with this army.  My lascannons are 48" would've been helpful to move them further back so distance can help keep me out of range another turn.

Great game had a fun time.  No majour interruptions in this game.  Little interruptions during the beginning and some in the middle.  Kept my eye on the ball and didn't distract myself of people talking about our game and asking questions about my models.

slainte mhath

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