Friday, May 25, 2012

Tools of the Trade

Something I put up on cr#pb*@k a while ago.

Three brushes I use to paint lightning
Three mugs to clean my brushes.  From right to left.  Clay pottery from 7th grade gave to me by a girl that had a crush on me at the time.  Other two were purchased from a craft store /cough Michaels /cough.  They were advertised as candle cups.  Don't ask for mini-chamber pots.  Won't have a clue what you're asking about.

Former laptop box refurbished into paint pot holder.  Cardboard cut into interlocking dividers for paints.  I don't like my paints mixing together (had enough of that when my food would be all mixed together when I was young).  Each column has its own hue.  There are three different generations of Citadel Paints in this box.  My Amethyst Purple is still good after 10+ years.  Shining Gold, not much so.

Damn cool paint brush holder purchased from crafts store /cough Blicks /cough.  At Fantasy Flight several months ago a guy had one but smaller.  Asked where he purchased it and said that crafts store.  Most brushes purchased from same store.  Have back ups so when a brush goes bad in the middle of painting I don't have to stop.  Can keep right on painting.  Left side brushes are good and ready to be used.  Right side, except for bottom, damaged brushes.  These are for rough basecoating, drybrushing and washes.  Left side has caps on brushes.  Right side, again expect bottom, doesn't.

Cardboard pallet.  Not really pallet as much as place to rid excess paint mostly for drybrushing and lightning.  Occasional small dabs to get rid of paint for detail painting and some washes that would affect model too much.  This cardboard is ripped off from the cover of a Razorback box.

slainte mhath

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