Sunday, May 27, 2012

Temet Nosce (Know Thyself)

You're in a game.  Rolling some dice.  Playing for the first time against a new player.  Every turn there has been some sort of rules thing to figure out.  You are there for fun and to enjoy yourself.  This is supposed to be an escape.  However you quickly realize you'll be ice skating up hill what do you do?

15 years ago when I was playing this game I was a very argumentative player.  I would argue about almost every little thing.  I wasn't a fun player to play against.  Which of course worked itself out.  People wouldn't play against me anymore.  Of course because I was too close I couldn't see it happening.  Perhaps I was angry about something else and took that anger out in the game.  During editions between 2nd and 5th I played the occasional game with buddies.  Nothing really at a store with fellow gamers.

I've been practicing getting to know myself better in games.  RPG's, tabletop, video games, etc.  When I've found myself getting past a certain point I extricate myself and take the rest of the night off.  My goal isn't to get away from the angst.  My goal is to avoid irreparably damaging relations with all parties involved.  So people will return to next weeks game or next tabletop game.  I don't want to burn bridges.  I want to work on myself so it hopefully won't happen again.

After today's sixth rule question, at bottom of third, I decided to walk away.  I felt myself getting to the point where I was going to be unpleasant and potentially an asshole.  I didn't want to go there.  He didn't deserve that.  He's been pleasant and helpful during the game.

It should be noted.  The opponent had a great list.  Knew his army and was in top form.  At best I could've pulled off contesting objectives.  His boulder was beginning to roll, there wouldn't be much I could to stop its inevitable descent.  He was awesome!  Very pleasant to get along with.  Great personality.  As people will attest I will fight to the bitter end with just a few models on the table.  I won't fold just because I'm definitely going to lose.  I want the player to earn that tabling.

Now I have some rules to look up and learn more about the game.  I can only hope that I haven't burned that bridge by bowing out of the game.

Oh, DBJ = Don't be a jerk!  Its a little sticker we put on back of badges for CONvergence.  Essentially it means have fun, don't mess with other peoples fun.

slainte mhath

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