Saturday, May 26, 2012

Realspace Raiding 1.1

Warning Spoilers Avengers.

While watching Avengers last night when the gate opened allowing the Chitauri access to Earth the first thing I could think of was barges and Realspace raiding.  Which of course instantly had me think about Dark Eldar.  The gate was a webway and barge after barge come screaming out of satellite realm.  I loved it!  On top of that the Chitauri had rifles with blades on the ends.  Very coincidental.  Then the passengers of the barges were connected via chains.  Beast Masters, also coincidental.

Guess I must have too much Dark Eldar on the brain.  Thank you, Natfka.  Have my first pick up match on Sun.  2500 pts Dark Eldar vs Chaos Daemons.  Playing against someone I've never played against before.  This is going to be a great learning curve.  Usually I have an idea how someone is going to play and come up with a game plan before it.  This is going to be different.  Already have a plan how to control the board.  As Joe said, fight a quarter of the army at a time.

Bit of buddhist waxing.  Remember the question you ask others has already been answered within yourself.  Find peace with that self and listen to it.

slainte mhath

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  1. Cool movie! My favourite this year so far.

    I had exactly the same thought, webway portal or warp rift.


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