Monday, May 28, 2012

5th ed Rules of the Game 5.27 [Update 6.1]

Ran across several other rules today that I thought I understood.  Apparently not.

Example Ordinance weapons can move and shoot.  For some reason I was under the impression if they moved they can't shoot.


Ordinance weapons can be shot even if the vehicle moved.

Splinter Pistols can't use their Str or AP in H2H.  [Update] Poison is a special feature and can be used.

Apparently models who are in cover get a cover save even if the shooter is in the same piece of cover and is less than 2" away.

So here are a couple of rules that came up Sunday.

Chaos Space Marine Defilers have a Battle Cannon in their chest.  It is an Ordinance weapon.  The Defiler can move and shoot its Battle Cannon.  Ordinance weapons are not Ordinance Barrage weapons.  Ordinance Barrage weapons pg 58 rulebook says " only vehicles that remained stationary may fire an ordinance barrage weapon..."  Vehicles with Ordinance weapons can move and shoot.

Pistols.  Just before Close Combat a lightning bolt hit me.  Dark Eldar Wyches Splinter Pistols are poison.  I've been playing games with them and never used the poison weapon in close combat.  Which I and everyone else think they should have.  Reading something in the rulebook made me think I can use their poison feature in H2H.  Rulebook pg 29 under Pistol Weapons "In addition a pistol counts as a close combat weapon in the Assault phase."  Then when using them in H2H my opponent reminded me that was in shooting part of the book and showed me Normal Close Combat Weapons pg 42 "Remember that, in close combat, pistols count as normal close combat weapons and so the Strength and AP of the pistol are ignored."  grr!  I only hope 6th ed where weapons get AP changes this.  Very disappointing.

Cover.  Had four Trueborn go into Cover that Chaos Lord was using as shelter.  The Trueborn were less than 2" from the Lord.  My idea was because Trueborn are shooting through less than 2" of cover the Lord gets no Cover.  My reasoning is because cover mentioned on pg 22 in rulebook Firing out of area terrain "Therefore they may fire through up to 2" of the area terrain they are occupying without that terrain conferring a cover save to the target."  My opponent argued Inside area terrain also on pg 22 "Target models whose bases are at least partially inside area terrain are in cover, regardless of the direction the shot is coming from."  He did admit one thing.  That the book doesn't cover this.  Yet we still did it that way.  Even knowing that it wasn't covered!  Damn I roll over to easy sometimes.  I don't know about this one.  I'm still trying to figure this one out.  Perhaps rulebook FAQ will have some information.  Knowing GW probably not.

slainte mhath


After reviewing the rulebook specifically pg 42.  There are two entries for Close Combat Weapons.  Normal Close Combat Weapons and Special Close Combat Weapons.  Pistols don't use their Strength of AP.  Poisoned weapons are Special Close Combat Weapons that include more complex and powerful weapons that enhance the wielder's combat skill.

The two independent clauses are separated by a comma.  q.v. Pistol, Poison.  While the Dark Eldar Wyches Splinter Pistols AP would not count in Close Combat the poisoned feature would.  May this be more clear in 6th ed.

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