Sunday, May 6, 2012

and now for something completely different

Recently completely finished my Dark Eldar army.   Been working on them since Sept 2011.  They are completely painted and based.  Spammed facebook with pics of my WIP (work in progress).  Its the only thing I really used the social website site for.  During the time I had several battles with them at LGS (local gaming store) and put the BatReps (battle report) up there also.

This all started from reading Natfka's blog at a year ago this month.  His tactics and grasp of the game put a spark in me to look at the game from a different perspective.  So I created a Dark Eldar army.  Really adding onto my existing army from third edition.  To be fair it is copied from his webway list.  I made some adjustments and asked him to take a look at it.  He liked the additions and suggested some changes.  Exactly as he said after a couple of games I should start mixing different stuff into it to see what works for me.

Since that time I've followed his blog and continue to sit at the feet of the teacher absorbing as much as I can.  During that time I have read other 40k blogs and learned from them as well.  While putting WIP and BatReps on the social website I thought I should make a blog.  Its a more appropriate forum for my hobby.  Then started thinking of names and the purpose of the blog.  Which are not static.  Blogs, like many things in life, including people, are always in transition.  They are rarely fixtures, thank you, Chris.

That brings us to the purpose of my blog.  Allow me to wax about the names and subtitles.

H2Lat40k means How to Lose at 40k.  Most of my battles result in me losing the game.  Wisdom learns from the mistake of others.  I'm hoping that someone will learn from my BatRep's what Not to do on the battlefield.  We rarely learn from winning.  Pain is a terrific thing to learn from.

Single asterix comes from one of my favourite opponents Shawn.  Who came up with the tagline "and look good while doing it."  A comical phrase often used as a subtitle.

Double asterix comes from a good friend of mine and fellow roleplayer Joe.  He came up with the line quickly after grabbing a bite to eat after one of our Warhammer Fantasy RPGs recently.  He said "at least my army's painted" and laughed.  Obviously referring to the tremendous amount of unpainted or just based models in our dear hobby.  One of Joe's favourite line is "Those are some tough Orcs" when referring to just Orc legs glued to bases.

It should be noted, both are tongue in cheek.  Not meant as an attack to anyone, nor meant as a personal slight against anyone in particular, both those whom I have and have not met.

WIP'R'Us comes as a twist from a retail store that sells a lot of toys.  My blog will also be used as a diarrhea of pics of work in progress.  I have a shelf of GW stuff that has been waiting patiently, some up to 10 years, for some attention.

I hope you enjoy your time here.  Please critique away!  Tell me what I'm doing bad with my army.  Where I failed in the game.  What I should've done.  Where I should've deployed instead.  Provide useful and pointless information about the models I'm putting together and painting.  This is where the pic above comes in.  Be the armchair warrior, the Monday night quarterback.  Sit back and tell me what I'm doing wrong so I can be a better player, modeller, hobbyist.

slainte mhath

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