Thursday, May 17, 2012

5th ed Rules of the game 5.16

Hope to make a post after each game regarding a rule or two that I learned.  This is primarily designed to fulfill the triumvirate of learning.  Reading, learning and doing.  That's not the exact three, it's the jist though.

First one is from pg 30 in the Rulebook.  Third paragraph under Blast.

"Next, check if the shot was landed on target.  If the hole at the centre of the marker is beyond the weapon's maximum range, the shot is an automatic miss and the marker is removed."

Second one is from pg 46 in the Rulebook.  Second paragraph under Assaults While Falling Back.

"If an enemy unit declares an assault against a unit that is falling back and is found to be in range, the falling back unit must immediately test to regroup (see right).

Under the bullet points for Regrouping.

"Units that are in assaulted while falling back must always attempt this test as soon as the enemy is found to be in assault range, and can do this regardless of any of the above restrictions (the alternative is just too bad!)."

The second led to me having a "conversation" I mean an argument with someone not involved in the game (I really must learn not to let other gamers interrupt my game).  The argument is always the same.  Inclusive vs Exclusive.  Ultimately it boils down to using "meta-rules" of which there are none.  Agreed there is only one rule, have fun.  It wasn't til after I made an *ss of myself and the other gamer coming up with Inclusive and Exclusive, General and Specific they brought up after the bullet points which I was reading.  I started reading the Regrouping to make a point to him.  Wish he would've brought it up earlier because it would've helped me not get stressed and hence drama!  There's a reason I don't engage him in 40k rules often, it always ends up the same way.  I need to learn not to get myself all wound up with him.

Great I learned those two things tonight.  Hope to learn more tomorrow.  2k Dark Angels vs Tyranids.

slainte mhath


  1. Might help to provide some discussion about why you pointed these particular rules out, or the finese/exploit these rules allow RAW.

    Why the rule pointed out about the blast marker? It is the same as measuring the distance you can shoot your bolter. You select your target (with a blast weapon you place the marker on the table, and a bolter declare which unit they are shooting), then you measure the distance to see if they are in range.

    This all seems fairly straight forward??? After scatter the blast marker can even lie out of sight and range.

    1. I like you, Suijin. You make me think. Agree context matters.

      Reason why I brought it is because one of my recent games a Storm Raven fired its Plasma Gun. Then I brought up the rule of centre of the blast marker landing beyond the guns range it automatically misses. My opponent said its a good that I brought that up for future games.

      Hoping through repeatition and redundancy I can make myself more familiar with the rules. An example would be a buddy of mine telling me when a dreadnought has no weapons and weapon destroyed is the damage result its immobilised. I ignored his information only to feel foolish reading it later.

  2. So is the point of the assault rules that a unit assaulted while falling back tests to regroup? If they regroup, then the 2 units are now in assault. If they fail, then the falling back unit is destroyed.

    1. Yes. Something I didn't know until the other. Also according to the Rulebook the assaulting group doesn't move if the assaulted group fails to regroup and is destroyed.


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