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12.5.19 2k Necrons vs Chaos Daemons

The rematch Bryan suggested we do to see if his idea works better than mine.

Just like first time.  Wraiths are proxy for Canoptek Spyders.  Pariahs are proxy for Crypteks.  I'm kind of liking this proxy stuff.  Getting an idea if the army will work before spending 230$ on models for an army that might not work.

Bryan cleaned my clock the first time.  After the battle he suggested for me to split my army and put them in far corners forcing him to come to me.  We did the same armies, mission and deployment.  Only thing that changed was terrain.  Which can have a great effect on the game.

Check out the previous match up.

We couldn't play at Fantasy Flight because they had a weekend long event going on.  Bryan made a reservation at The Source earlier in the week so we headed there.  Turns out there was a group already on the table and they were running over time.  So we called up a couple other places.  Monsters Den, Tower Games and Universe Games.  After considering the stores hours and where they were located, all within 20 mins, probably closer to 15 mins, we decided Universe Games.  I've been there twice before.  Extremely familiar with the area.  Never played there though.  I do have buddies that do Warhammer Fantasy there.  Gave them a call and there was no one in the store.  We arrived and still no one.  The store had little activity.  Comic Con was at the state fair grounds this weekend with a GT (Grand Tournament).

Universe Games.

Wore my Urban Dictionary /b/ t-shirt.

Mission: Annihilation.  Deployment: Dawn of War.

Top of first.  Put Orikan, 10 warriors on the near corner.  Then walked on Imotekh to join the 10 warrior squad.  3 spyders on each side with 10 scarabs each.  Writhing Worldscape C'Tan also joined near corner.  On far corner C'Tan with 6 Warriors, 3 spyders and 10 scarabs.  Wanted the Monolith to be able to support each corner so it was in the middle.  Bryan's idea for my army is to split deployment put them in each corner so Chaos Daemons would have to split their forces.

Bottom of first.  Chaos Daemons get their preferred group.  Skarbrand lands inches from Monolith.  He will spend the next few rounds trying to hack down the Necron pyramid.  Hell Hounds appear on left flank.  Daemon Prince also appears next to left flank.  Bloodletters with icon land in back field.  Not sure about their deployment.  I see Bryan's reasoning for wanting to have them a healthy distance so the icon can be used to bring down the reserves.

Top of second.  Monolith moves an inch forward so Skarbrand will be within Gate of Eternity range if I roll a 1.  Uses its Partical Whip and Gauss Flux Arcs.  Whip sticks.  Skarbrand takes a wound.  Makes his Str so he is not removed from the game.  Bryan rolls Paladin saves so frequently that he's bound to lose a big model to Transdimensional Beamer or Gate of Eternity sooner than later.  He did roll a 5 to see if Skarbrand goes bye-bye.  Six warriors and Cryptek shoot at hell hounds.  Scarabs assault hell hounds and that is 1 KP for me.

Bottom of second.  Daemon Prince comes in and assaults Necrons.  Skarbrand continues to beat on Monolith.  Rest of Chaos Daemons arrive.  Bloodcrushers appear on right flank and roll dangerous terrain because of C'Tan.  Blood Thirster, Daemon Prince and other Bloodletters appear near icon.  Too far away to be effective in my book.

Assault turn of third.  Somehow I missed two pics.  This is a good pic though.  Necrons on left flank respond to the Daemon Prince assaulting Canoptek Spyders (Wraiths are proxy as Spyders).  This is a damn good combat.  C'Tan and 16 Scarabs assault.  Canoptek Sypders, Canoptek Scarabs and C'Tan all assault Daemon Prince.  C'Tan's Entropic Strike strips it of its Iron Hide armour save.  Now it only has its 5++.  Hopefully this is going to be delicious.  First time it was 22 scarabs vs one Daemon Prince.  Did not go the way I thought.  Three units of Necrons tear down the Daemon Prince.  Scarabs 5+ to hit and 6 to wound to take down the prince.  Hit 5+, Wound 6 will go into syndication so much that a lot of tv channels will play it as much as they can.  Far corner C'Tan and Scarabs assault Bloodcrushers.  Necrons take some wounds from Fearless saves but remain in the fight.  Skarbrand Immobilises Monolith.

Top of fourth.  Necrons continue to take huge casualties on right flank due to Fearless saves.  If a side loses combat and are Fearless they must make a number of saves per No Retreat pg 44 in Rulebook.  Bloodcrushers are slowly but surely being whittled down.  Thank goodness Spyders can replenish the Scarabs every turn so the H2H can maintain its momentum.  Scarabs 5+ to hit and 6 to wound to take down the bloodcrushers.  The fighting as moved to the right flank.  I have almost 500 pts not doing anything on left flank.  It needs to move to other side to help out.  Right flank is going to get crushed by 3 monstrous creatures inbound.

Bottom of fourth.  Skarbrand finally takes down Monolith.  First Chaos Daemon kill point as Bryan said.  Learning is painful.  A little joke between Bryan and I.  Scarabs 5+ to hit and 6 to wound isn't helpful against Bloodcrushers.  Bloodcrushers are finally able to gain enough momentum to start pushing back against C'Tan and scarabs.

Top of fifth.  Finally Imotekh's lightning fades.  He took out a couple of Bloodletters during this Lord of Storms.  Finally C'Tan and Scarabs take out the last of the Bloodcrushers even with the 5+ to hit and 6 to wound.  Another kill point.  Left flank scarabs fly into middle of board to take on two squads of Bloodletters.  Good thing they have taken lightning strikes and dangerous terrain check because of Writhing Worldscape.  They are not a full strength.  Loses are severe.  Scarabs take many.  Losing plenty of bases due to Fearless saves.

Bottom of fifth.  It's that time folks.  Time for Necrons to fold.  Skarbrand, Daemon Prince and Blood Thirster inbound on right flank.  Its going to fold and there's little I can do to stop it.  Other squad of Bloodletters assaults scarabs to support first squad.  Two bases have to attack assaulting squad.  Some can choose which squad to assault.  Rest have to assault squad they attacked in top of fifth.  One squad of Bloodletters fall before scarabs.  Another kill point.  Skarbrand takes out all but one scarab base even after Fearless saves.  Daemon Prince and Blood Thirster takes out Canoptek Spyders.  Another kill point for CD.

Bryan rolls the die to see if we continue to a sixth turn and a 1 appears.  Finally a win in annihilation!  I give Bryan a huge, strong hand shake for my victory he laughs because of how ecstatic I am about winning an annihilation.

Win.  3-2 Necrons vs Chaos Daemons.

As Bryan said earlier, he's surprised Chaos Daemons haven't pulled down more kill points earlier in the game.  He said I was winning, I didn't believe him.  Then he started counting up kill points and I was surprised.  Perhaps he was right.  The deployment in each corner helped.  He said he could've focused all of his army to one corner.  I felt that would've secured his win.

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