Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Airbrush 104: Airbrush White

Besides Vallejo Model Air White I have yet to find/make an airbrush white that works right.

JJ typing, other than purple can painter have enough white paint?  Here's another for Zab.  Does white paint mixed with windex have a blue hue?

Windex added to Army Painter Mat White bottle to pull paint from the bottle.  Clearly there is a blue hue in this bottle.

Tamiya Colour Acrylic Paint X-20A Thinner surprisingly pulls paint from the pot.

Shaked the Army Painter bottle so the windex pulls paint from it.  There's definitely a blue hue.  Ceramite White pot isn't shaken in this pic.

Pour bottle of windex with remainder white from the Army Painter bottle into the boston bottle.  Can't see it in this pic but there's definitely a line of blue white on top of white.

Three whites together made into airbrush form.  Reaper Pure White with Golden Medium, Army Painter Mat White with Windex and Ceramite White with Tamiya thinner.  Can you guess which one has windex in it?

Apparently windex makes white pop.

Would airbrush each to determine which white is best for airbrushing.  That would be unfair since each white is different and each is thinned with a different medium.  Will make another post in the future using the same white with three different thinners to determine which thinner is best.

slainte mhath

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