Friday, May 3, 2013

I Hate Painting Eyes

Actually I love painting eyes.  Just hate painting them this stage of the model.

JJ typing, I consider eyes to the breathe that gives the model life.  For decades I would paint eyes last.  Almost as if carving the mark on the golems forehead imbues it with life.  It wasn't alive.  It wasn't one til the finishing stroke.  Eyes are the last thing I paint.  Suddenly the shell was given form and intelligence then ready to be placed on the table.  Since I've been focusing on becoming a better painter I've followed suit of many painters before me.  Painting eyes before the rest is done.  Probably one of the first things.  From past experience it has been difficult to paint eyes without getting paint all around the eye.  Now you paint them and when you get paint elsewhere the clean up is far easier.

Enjoy the process.  Zab should recognize this.  He suggested it in the last post regarding painting eyes.  Stole it from him.  Thanks, Zab!

Based Flash Gitz Yellow.

Minute lines of Army Painter Mat White at edges to help resemble burning embers.

Bloodletter wash to blend it together.

One more little mark of Mat White for the finishing touch.

slainte mhath


  1. Nice work! Thanks for the shout out :) I feel the same way. I am doing up some pirates for the office and I have taken to painting the eyes first and just being careful around them as I work on the face. I also give them a gloss coat when I am happy with them so that if I get any stray paint on them I can wipe it off quickly with a damp brush. Stupid eyes -_-

    1. Thanks. You're welcome, Zab.

      "Pirates for the office" you're work has pirates invading it? Good idea coating the eyes to wipe any any stray paint.

      Agreed, stupid eyes.

    2. We have a pirate ship from a shoot in our cubicles and I am paining up some crew to represent us as avatars. Most are from reaper, but a few are from other companies. My dv chosen are killing e with detail so i need to take a break now and then with something else.

    3. That's pretty cool. People must have already asked you about doing something for one of your companies programs because of your creativity.

      Couple weeks ago one of the people from the foodshare program asked me if I would be interested in doing the thermometer because I'm "creative."

  2. Nice work here, thanks for following!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Mathus. No problem.


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