Tuesday, May 21, 2013

13.5.14 1850 Grey Knights vs Eldar

Damn this game was fun.  Almost nail biting tension at some times.  Shawn is picking up and using tactics I've never seen him perform before.  Quite impressed.

JJ playing, met Shawn at Fantasy Flight wore my money is evil math equation t-shirt.

Really like the frequency of gaming with Shawn over the last several months.  Getting know him more.  Building our relationship.  Genuinely good stuff.

Mission: Big Guns Never Tire, Deployment: Dawn of War, Objectives 4.

On this episode of "I don't know where to deploy."

Won roll off.  Decided to deploy and go first.

Grey Knights deploy.

Eldar deploy.

Deployment was the oddest deployment I've ever seen.  Eldar reacting to my deployment I felt gave me a huge advantage in the game.

Shawn attempted to seize, nope.

Top of first.  One War Walker removed from Psyflemen shooting.  Vindicare doesn't hit with his re-roll.  Move everyone up the left flank.  Since there isn't much to shoot at Purifiers focus on Pathfinders behind aegis.  One squad of Pathfinders are on an objective.  Pathfinders are greatly reduced in number.  Make Morale rolls.  Their effectiveness has been reduced to no longer a threat.

Bottom of first.  Eldar body moves to the left flank.  They have a long way to foot it.  Remaining two War Walkers don't care one bit for that Vindicare.  They remove him from the board after applying 13 wounds to him.  Failed 3.  Synskin didn't help at all.  First Blood 1 VP Eldar.  Vibro cannons remove a few Purifiers and Psyflemen takes a glancing hit.

Top of second.  Continuing the 6" move up the left flank.  Rest of the War Walkers are removed due to Psyflemen shooting.  Target priority now changes to Wraithguard.  Wraithguard only have 12" guns with 18" threat range (movement and range of weapon) they are rounds away from being a threat.  Fortunately Grey Knights 24" range helps me to focus on real threats.  Scoring units.  Only one Pathfiner remains.  One Vibro cannon is removed.

Bottom of second.  Shining Spears arrive.  Take some shots at Pysfleman on objective at aegis and he takes a hull point.  Eldar continue their long march across the table.  The Eldar deployment allowed me to take care of actual threats, scoring units, instead of being distracted by the incoming Wraithguard.  Have a plan for Eldrad and friends.  Someday I'll use it.  However, Wraithguard are finally in range of one combat squad.  Reduce them to just two Psycannons.

Top of third.  Purifiers continue up left flank and move somewhat to middle.  Last Pathfinder is removed.  Slowly pecking away at the last Vibro cannon.  One operator removed.  One Wraithguard is removed.  Psyflemen near the Shining Spears turns his attention to them.  Psyhino, Rhino with psyammunition, moves to help out.  Three are removed.  Target priority is now Avatar and Wraithguard.  Was going to have Crowe make a b-line to Avatar but stopped myself.  I'm giving away Slay the Warlord VP for him to take down a HQ that isn't the warlord.  Grew as a GK player.  Last couple of games it seems something has clicked inside my head regarding my army and how to play them.  Really glad I didn't throw in the towel with this army.

Bottom of third.  Eldar continue their march now approaching the middle of the field.  Single Vibro cannon does a couple of wounds to multiple combat squads.  Warp Spiders deep strike in.  One takes the shots it can.  Wraithguard shoot into a combat squad and it is removed from the board.  As soon as my turn ended I knew that squad was toast.  Something to learn for next time.

Top of fourth.  Purifiers continue their push to the middle.  Plan to take out the Wraithgruard.  Aegis is providing a lot of saves for that last Vibro cannon.  Wraithguard numbers are being reduced quickly.  Pull back all Purifers except for two with Psycannons in the middle outside of Wraithguard 18" threat range.  Shawn sees the maneouver and decides to take a different route.  Great job, brother!  Shining Spears assault Psyflemen.  One is removed from overwatch.  Love twin-link autocannons in overwatch.  Ended up rolling 3 6's,  Exarch does not affect Psyflemen.

Bottom of fourth (pic cut off, can't see guardians).  Guardian Jetbikes finally arrive.  They sit back and don't do anything.  Ready to pounce on objective on right flank.  Warp Spiders jump out shoot and remove a few Purifiers.  Really like that S 6.  Shawn pulls to the two Wraithguard, Eldrad and Spiritseer to objective Purifiers are moving to.  Shawn doesn't take my advice of using "Our Weapons are Useless" 40k6 pg 26.  He wasn't biting.  Psyflemen attacks Shining Spear Exarch and it is removed.

Top of fifth.  Coming down to the wire.  Right now Shawn is winning by 1 VP.  Don't have enough movement to grab the objective behind Eldar aegis.  Things are looking grim and I'm pulling out all the shots to ensure a victory.  Shooting removes some Spiders.  Wraithguard make all their saves.  Avatar as well.  Another growth spurt as a GK player.  Stopped shooting at Avatar for the rest of the game and focused on priorities.

Bottom of fifth.  Shawn pulls his gambit.  Jetbikes land on objective one dies due to dangerous terrain.  Eldrad pulls Doom off on combat squad near objective, even with -4 to psychic test.  Don't make Deny the Witch.  Warp Spiders shoot then assault.  Overwatch helps a lot.  Halberd takes out only Spider that can attack.  Avatar is unable to wound Crowe.

This is it.  Game done, another loss in my GK books.  Shawn asks who wants to roll the dice.  I decide to, 6 comes up!  Onto turn six.  The game was won or lost based on that die roll.

Top of sixth.  Finally last Vibro cannon is removed.  Haven't moved the four combat squads in the middle of the board to utilize their full shooting.  One combat squad moves to objective.  Psyhinos move to block any Wratihguard movement to objective.  Hoping they'll have to shoot their way to it.  However Eldar are crafty.  Psyhino and Psyflemen shoot at Jetbike on objective.  One removed and fails morale, falls back.

Bottom of sixth.  Eldar armies strength is waning.  They step into desperation mode.  Eldrad and friends clear aegis and shoot at Purifiers in the space between the Psyhinos.  Nicely done, Shawn.  Wanted to move the Psyhino so it was right up against the aegis.  Next time.  One Purifier gone.  Don't make assault distance.  Avatar goes for Slay the Warlod VP.  Slay the Warlord 1 VP to Eldar, total of 2 to 0.

Shawn rolls the dice to see the game continues 1.  Game ends.  Psyflemen remained on same objective since beginning of the game.  Purifers on another with line breaker 7 VP.  Jetbike on one objective with First Blood and Slay Warlord.  Win!  I ran around the table and gave Shawn a hug thanking him.

Win 7-5 Grey Knights.

Really learning how to use this army.  Several things occurred to me from previous games and what not to do in this game.  Exercised those thoughts and it paid off well.  Felt the range of the Grey Knight shooting was a true advantage in this game.  Eliminating key threat, War Walkers, early helped to reduce stress later in the game and focus on the goal.  Objectives.

Told Shawn while we were wrapping up that I want to pull Eldrad, his practiced list.  Feel I'm more ready for that list than before.  Shawn asked if I was sure and that he didn't want to see me cry.  Quite funny.

Honestly felt this should've been Shawn's game.  Even though he wasn't running his practiced list.  Had he deployed like he usually does it would've been much closer with an Eldar win.

slainte mhath


  1. Nice job! Especially against the Eldar who, in one month, will be the next cheezy thing to hit the tabletop. Get those xenos! (I feel so dirty with that being an Eldar player myself. But not right now! Mwahahahaha!)
    I'm happy to hear that you're feeling more confident with your army. It takes time and learning the tricks, and it appears that you're doing a great job there. I, sadly, haven't won a game in a month now. But then I design very poor armies and play to play rather than to win. Maybe I should start trying... I'm jealous of your victories! :-)

    1. Thanks, agemmanjw.

      I also feel bad about lording over Eldar. Damnit my Purifiers need some love.

      So far this has been the hardest army to learn. Probably because of all my years playing Xenos. Thanks again.

      What list are you running? Perhaps I can help.

      Glad to hear my victories are getting some reaction.

    2. eh, nothing major. I have a personal rule of "If everyone else thinks it's awesome, I refuse to take it", which isn't terribly conducive to victory. I'm a very tactical player, but I refuse to use any strategy (army list design) and I don't minimize the effect of poor dice. So my losses are mostly my fault. Hence the jealousy. lol!

      To give you an idea of my army- My Blood Angels are two TAC squads in Rhinos (tac, and rhinos, both the opposite of the common conception), led by a captain with a Thunderhammer, escorted by 2 Flamestorm Baals (flamestorm, not assault cannons, again opposite the common), and a Destructor (who needs lascannons?). I do have two ASS squads and a single Vindie, plus a Furioso dropping in a pod, and THOSE are the effective part of my force. But they're not enough for this army to stand up to any opponent actually designed to win a game. But I have fun with it anyway.

    3. agemmanjw, completely forgot to respond while typing up Tues BatRep. Wanted to respond Tues after talking to Connor about your list and coming up with suggestions, forgot.

      Love your attitude of refusing to take what others take. That speaks to my core.

      Think deployment can help your existing list to be more effective. What about using Drop Pods against the way they are usually played in your area/meta? Instead of offensively how about defensively?

      Say placing your objectives deep in your deployment zone. Drop pod lands in front of them say 6" then unit deploys out and stands on objective in terrain. Are Thunderfire Cannons used in your meta? I love the model. Would suggest looking into it.


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