Sunday, May 12, 2013

He's beneath Khaine's notice

This is something that occurred to me while painting Shawn's Forge World Avatar.  He wants it to look great.  Figured doing something with the base would only enhance the model further.

JJ painting, when I told Shawn about it.  He was on the fence.  Thought about it and decided to let me go with it.  I begged him to allow it to be an Ultramarine.  I've sworn to never paint an Ultramarine.  I find them to be the most boring of all Space Marines.  However, in this instance the promise is perfect to break.  Also breaking several other painting promises with this Ultramarine.  Not a fan of studded armour or marines without helmets.  Enjoy.  I certainly did.

Elmer's Glue.

Beige ballast.

Shawn's Craftworld basing material.  Idea is that the Avatar's heat has burned away the surrounding grass.

Little modification to the left leg to make it look like it was crawling away.

Head looking up as much as possible.  Hand of despair reaching for hope.


Airbrush Abaddon Black.

Airbrush base Macragge Blue.

Airbrush highlight Alaitoc Blue.

Armour flex Army Painter Mat Black.  Studs Leadbelcher.

Line highlight Ice Blue.  Tips of studs highlighted Ironbreaker.

Shoulder border stolen from a 40k buddy Scott.  Instead of basing white like usual.  Based Ushabti Bone then Flash Gitz Yellow.  Really like how it turned out.  Bottom of feet Ironbreaker to indicated wear.

Found flesh extremely easy to paint.  Head based Tallarn Flesh.  Wash of Devlan Mud, Army Painter Strong Tone.  Then highlight with Tallarn flesh again.  Worked out surprisingly well.

Never really worked on flesh before.  Decided to practice more on the face.  Another wash of Army Painter Strong Tone.

Ultramarine symbol was surprisingly simple to paint.  Doesn't have to be perfect.  Just look good enough.  Figured since I'm already painting white won't hurt to add three lines of text like the codex.

One more time highlighting face with Tallarn Flesh.  Reluctant to admiut it but I really enjoyed painting flesh.

Time to pin this guy.  No way I'm gluing him directly onto the base and expecting him to stay.  I've learned my lesson with Purifiers and their complicated bases.

Pinned through belt.  Figured the centre of the body would be the best place to attach him to the base.

Super glued pin to base.  Set him up in a way so he is directly crawling away from war incarnate.  Put him at about the 2 o'clock position.

Kind of surprised how the highlighting on the head turned out.

Airbrush Evil Sunz Scarlet

Grip and cord Army Painter Mat Black.  Muzzle based Ushabti Bone.

Muzzle Flash Gitz Yellow.  Attempted mix airbrush paints Reaper Pure White and Troll Slayer Orange in attempts to make the muzzle look like its been recently fired.

Troll Slayer Orange line highlights.  Airbrush Evil Sunz Scarlet on muzzle.  Think it looks much better.

Tossed to the ground because of its uselessness.  Opposite of Ultramarine.  While describing this to Shawn I pantomimed how all this happens.  Ultramarine is shooting the meltagun at the Avatar.  Several more times only to see it has no effect on the Living God.  Then he tosses it and dives for cover and starts crawling away.  Shawn started laughing half way through.  Hell I want to draw a comic of that scene.

slainte mhath


  1. Nothing like a nice base to finish something off :)

    1. Completely agree. I can feel the modeling monster within me wanting to make tall bases with modeling clay.

    2. It can get out of hand fast. I have done bases that turned out better than the mins they were mounted on o_O That said, it adds a really nice touch of narrative to the model. Great work!

    3. Nicely said, Zab. That is exactly what I think when I look at James Wappel's models. Often times I find the base to distract the eye from the mini. Which I feel is a shame.

      Thanks for the compliment.


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