Monday, May 13, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Who Can Fight, Jink, Cover Save, Charging through Difficult Terrain and Generating Warp Charge

Here are several more rules from last weekends game.

JJ typing, Who Can Fight? 40k6 pg 23 second bullet point

*During its Initiative step, it is within 2" of a friendly model in base contact with one or more enemy models in the same combat.

Context: Opponent thought the Dire Avenger Exarch could not attck because it wasn't in base contact with Purifier.  Informed him that the Exarch is within 2" of a Dire Avenger that is in base contact.  The Exarch could attack.

Jink 40k6 pg 38

A model with this special rule moves Flat Out or Turbo-boosts, it instead gains a 4+ cover save until the start of its next Movement Phase.

Cover Save 40k6 pg 26

Models do not get cover saves against any Wounds suffered from close combat attacks.

Context: Purifiers were attacking a Wave Serpent and Shawn and I were dismayed that Flat Out increased Jink cover save doesn't help the vehicle in avoid being hit in close combat.  (I'll say the jury's still out on this one.  Don't feel I've exhausted the search for jink vs close combat regarding vehicles yet)

One of the few 6th ed Rules of the Game repeats.  Originally posted 12-12-27.

Charging Through Difficult Terrain 40k6 pg 22

However, to represent the uneven pace of a charge, the unit rolls 3D6, rather than 2D6, and uses the two lowest results as its charge range.

Context: Charged Purifiers through a wreckage of a Wave Serpent.  Shawn reminded me to use two lowest when rolling 3D6.  He reminded me about three times during the game.  He even pointed out that I seem to have no problem reminding him to roll 3D6 and take lowest two but I keep forgetting to do that.  We found it funny.  I think he's onto me /looks around suspciously

Generating Warp Charge 40k6 pg 66

A Psyker automatically generates his full allocation of Warp Charge points at the start of each turn.

Game Turns and Player Turns 40k6 pg 9

Whenever a rule refers to 'a turn' it always means 'player turn' unless it specifically refers to a 'game turn.'

Context: Purifiers cast Cleansing Flame in their assault turn.  On the following turn they were going to cast Cleansing Flame again.  Opponent brought up Warp Charges and that the Purifiers are out of them because they used Cleansing Flame last turn.  This peaked my interested since I've never really used Warp Charges.  Looked it up and refamilairized myself with Warp Charge.  He mentioned how turn means game turn.  Informed him differently and presented the page.  He informed me about the GW Psyker app for smart phones and how it tracks Warp Charges over a game turn.  Later that night he texted me saying that the Warp Charge tracker on the app renews every turn.

Note: I find the Game Turn and Player Turn rule to be the most specific and important rule in the game.  This rule has helped me out more than any other in the book.

Note 2: When he brought up the GW Psyker app for the smart phone I told him I remember when he showed it to me and I saw Iron Arm power.  That mentions D3 bonus to Strength and Toughness.  Told him a buddy runs it that a D3 is rolled for each Strength and Toughness not one D3 added to both.

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  1. Sorry man, Jink doesn't help us in the assault. My Wave Serpent could be doing Mach 5 but it still gets hit on a 3+. Makes no sense, but there you are.

    1. Yeah. Was hoping to find something in the rulebook that would specifically state something. Completely agree, makes no sense. These situations make me look upoin 5th and 2nd ed with pleasant nostalgia.


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