Friday, May 10, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Flat Out Fast Skimmers, BS 6 or Better, Bladestorm and Insane Heroism

Here are several rules from last weekends battle.

JJ typing, Fast Skimmers 40k6 pg 83

If a vehicle is both Fast (see above) and a Skimmer, it can move up to 18" when moving Flat Out

Context: Shawn asked how many inches a Flat Out Fast Skimmer can move.  Confirmed 18".

Ballistic Skill of 6 or Better 40k6 pg 13

Firer's BS             8
Roll need To Hit  2/4

Context: Vindicare Assassin was shooting at Yriel.  Opponent wanted to confirm that if first roll To Hit was a miss a re-roll would hit on 4 or more.

Bladestorm Eldar Codex 4th ed pg 30

The Exarch and his squad may choose to add one to the number of shots they each fire with their shuriken wepaons that turn.  If they do so they may not fire in the subsequent shooing phase, as they reload.

Context: Shawn was wondering if they used Bladestorm in Overwatch would they be able to shoot in their shooting phase.  Dire Avengers used Bladestorm in Overwatch when Purifiers charged them.  They would not be able to shoot in their shooting phase.

Regrouping 40k6 pg 31 second bullet point

*If less than 25% of the unit's models are still alive, then the Leadership test can only be passed with an Insane Heroism result of double 1.

Context: I was under the mistaken impression that Morale rolls can only be passed on a double 1 when a squad is reduced to less than 25%.  Shawn informed me I was incorrect and said that was for regrouping not for morale.

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