Friday, May 31, 2013

Blood Angels Death Company Chaplain part 2

Damn, last weekend was quite the struggle to get to the murder table.  Hopefully this isn't an indication of what will happen this, Eldar release, weekend and next week.  Need to seriously kick this in the ass.

Taking a cue from Ron.  Army Painter Mat Black on armour so cleaning up line-highlighting black will be easier.

JJ painting,

Evil Sunz Scarlet, Blazing Orange and Army Painter Mat White for eye.

Watered-down Army Painter Mat White to base skull on Crozius Arcanum and skull on helmet.

True Bleached Bone for both skulls.

Wasn't til highlighting with true Skull White that I noticed the skull on has sockets for teeth.  Accidentally highlighted them.  Then started paying very close attention and picking them out more.  I say "true Skull White" because I still have one hexagon-shaped bottle of Skull White from decades ago.  I use it extremely sparingly because it is such a beautiful white that works so wonderfully, only the genuinely rare model deserves it.  Same for Bleached Bone mentioned above.  Since this model is for Tallarn I wanted to give it the proper respect it deserves.

I Hate line highlighting.  Not because it takes so long or because it defines the model.  Well actually, yes.  I Hate line highlighting because I find it such a lazy way to define a model.  To me there are so many other ways to add depth to a model than line highlighting.  I wanted this model to do Tallarn justice.  I poured myself into appropriate line highlighting, because this is for my most esteemed Tallarn.  Surprisingly it turned out far better than expected.  Looking at the pic now.  It looks damned good.  Perhaps in a couple of days I'll love it on the model.

Ushabti Bone for purity seals and highlight for skull on Crozius Arcanium.

No skimping, this model is for Tallarn.  No tech pen this time.  Genuine Raphael Kolinsky Sable 3/0 and Army Painter Mat Black for writing.  He deserves the best.

One of my many sources of inspiration.  DIE, Orange!

First wash of Gryphonne Sepia.  I am really beginning to love that wash.  Almost as much as Devlin Mud, Rest in Peace.  Thanks to Ron for showing us that Army Painter Strong Tone is a great replacement for Devlin Mud.

Second layer of wash in the middle of the purity seals to add depth.  Worked surprisingly well.  I'm putting a TON of effort into this model.

Seals based Scab Red.

slainte mhath


  1. Goodness! Chaplain Shadrath is coming along brilliantly, the purity seals are wonderful and the white pops much more than I am used to seeing. The grey blending in the black armor is quite well done as well, black is surprisingly hard to do well. This will be a wonderful model when completed. My hat's off to you on your progress thus far!

    1. Thanks for the kind words.

      So far exceeding your expectations, Tallarn?

  2. Looking great! Gotta agree with Tallarn - impressive work on highlighting the Black armor - very difficult to get looking good and that definitely does.

  3. That bone color on the crozius and the parchment look amazing. Are you going to take the black all the way up to a white reflection where the grey currently is? Cause that would be boss too. This one is clearly going to be a showcase PJ!

    1. Thanks, Zab.

      I can do the while reflection shine easily. Not really a fan of growing line highlights. Looks too cartoon-y for me. Some models look great with it. Otherwise, more like a b-roll of film with laugh tracks inserted.

      That is one compliment, buddy! Thank you.


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