Monday, May 27, 2013

Blood Angels Death Company Chaplain part 1

After unsuccessfully fending off the gentle arms of Morpheus several times this last week, finally had the opportunity to work on this piece.

JJ painting, this is a commission piece for Tallarn from Still Practicing.  I deeply respect his attitude towards 40k.  We are of the same mindset when it comes to many parts of this game.  Of all the bloggers I feel more akin to him.

Thanks to Tallarn he's the one who made the header for this blog.  He also created the header for my commission and sales website.  He reached out to me after my post of wanting to hire someone to do some graphic work.  After several exchanges via email he made the header for this blog perfect.  Thanks, Tallarn.  Once that was done, along with the other two, it was time to talk about his payment.  He wants a Chaplain for his Death Company.  Gave me the link to the model he wanted.  Wanted a Death Company backpack, gave him the choice of which one he wanted, he also wanted a combi-flamer.  He provided links for the piece of wargear.  One was from Forgeworld another was from From the Warp if I wanted a challenge.  Had an idea for the combi-flamer regarding having them side by side like combi-plasma.  Perhaps I'll still do it and ask Tallarn which one he prefers.

Using Ron's walk-through to create a Forgeworld Combi-Flamer.

Used this case to press down the ball of grey-stuff so it is similar Bolter width.

Pinning is our friend when using parts from different models.

Airbrush Abaddon Black basecoat.

slainte mhath


  1. awesome, looks exactly as I anticipated. very glad we worked out an exchange beneficial to us both!

    I have been testing death company with the chaplain already and that dude is an absolute beat stick. I can't wait to have a model to match!

    1. Great, that is pleasant to hear. Wanted to incorporate the barrel for the bolter part into the green stuff. Surprisingly easy to do.

      Looking forward to putting in some quality time with this guy.

  2. Are we connected at the brain? Here I am starting to hobby on my Blood Angels again, and you're suddenly working on some. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!! :-P
    I look forward to the progress. I love your paint chops and can't wait to see them applied to this...

    1. Must be connected in the head. Was beginning to wonder if my tin-foil hat was working. Guess not.

      Thanks for the kind words.


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