Sunday, May 19, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Deploying Infiltrators and Redeploying Scouts and Deploying Flying Monstrous Creatures

Here are a couple of rules from last game.

JJ typing, Deploying Infiltrators and Redeploying Scouts 40k6 pg 121

When both players have deployed their main force, then they deploy their Infiltrators (as described on page 38).  Finally, they can redeploy units with the Scouts special rule (see page 41).

Context: Opponent said that we have to roll off to see who deploys first, Vindicare or Fleshhounds.  Never encountered this rule before.  Not surprising since I've only started using Infiltrators.  He questioned that.  Looked it up and corrected himself that you deploy Infiltrators then redeploy Scouts.  Learned something new.

Deployment; Flying Monstrous Creatures 40k6 pg 49

A Flying Monstrous Creature that is deployed at the start of the game starts in Glide mode.

Context: Opponent said Bloodthirster was flying at the beginning of the game.  Asked him if it has to be in reserves in order to start the game in flying mode.  Doubled checked book and yep, gliding.

slainte mhath


  1. I'm still trying to figure out if you can deploy a unit with Infiltrate normally. The way the rules read, it seems like they are always infiltrating. This is sad because I have traditionally enjoyed deploying my Farseer with my Rangers.

    1. Spellduckwrong, looks like no.

      Also unfortunately, as you already know, Independent Characters without Infiltrate cannot join them in deployment. Which is a tremendous pain for you tactic. It is a great tactic!

    2. Yeah as part of the Infiltrate rule (page 38) an IC cannot join an infiltrating squad during deployment. I guess the best you can do is deploy the IC close and move to join on your first movement phase.

      A different rule - Scout does let you join an IC and still do the Scout move. Interesting.... but how best to make use of it?

    3. Fast Attack and Elites usually have Scout. If you roll 6 for Personal warlord traits HQ becomes scoring. Perhaps same squad has Stealth or Shrouding. Objective in cover and move everyone before the game begins. Perhaps HQ has Feel No Paint which then is lent to squad he's joined.


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