Friday, May 24, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Preferred Enemy Armour Penetration and Charging Beasts

Here are two more rules from last game.

JJ typing, Daemonbane Grey Knights 5th ed Codex pg 54

Any Daemon or psyker that suffers one ore more unsaved wounds from Nemesis force weapons must take a Leadership test at the end of the Assault phase.

Context: Purifiers wounded Fleshhounds.  I thought you made the test as soon as a wound was taken.  Connor asked to see the rule and corrected me.  Happens at end of assault.

FAQ 40k6 Rulebook pg 5

Q: Do models that ignore difficult terrain when moving or charging still fight at Initiative step 1 if they charge through difficult terrain?
A: Yes

Context: Fleshhounds assaulted lone Purifier on objective.  Informed opponent that Fleshhounds are at a I1 even though they ignore difficult terrain.  Looked it up on FAQ and there is it.  Side note: Acye00 and I think this FAQ is ridiculous.

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