Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Multi-purpose Go Pill Bottles!

Since following suit like other painters of having something to hold instead of holding the model directly, one thing has plagued me.  Model holding tipping over potentially causing damage to model.  Here's an epiphany to fix the issue that I'd like to share.

Olde 40k buddy takes pills, a lot of pills.  So he has a lot of empty pill bottles.  Asked him if he could give me his empty bottles.  Find them extremely helpful when painting a model.  Especially for airbrushing.  Don't want to hold the tiny base with your fingers possibly blocking the spray instead of it landing on the model.

Empty pill bottles lack the weight that makes me feel comfortable when picking up and putting down the model repeatedly.  After all you don't want the model to tip over and potentially damaging it immediately after putting down another colour.

Several months ago I took a broom and dust pan to my parking lot sweeping up sand to make the pill bottles heavier.  Also for basing my Necron diorama, someday /looks around for an excuse.  This came to me after a 40k buddy Scott told me he bought 5 lbs of sand from home depot for a few dollars.  Since sand comes in different sizes I figured that would ideal for basing the diorama.  Used some of the sand to fill the first model holder/pill bottle and I'm comfortable with the weight which shouldn't lead to a model tipping over.

Since I'll never exhaust my supply of ballast, basing material, in fact I'll be long gone by the time someone uses all of it.  I find it ideal to use the ballast as a way to weigh down the pill containers. Multi-purpose part comes from it also holding basing material.  Store my basing containers on the otherside of the apartment from my murder table.  When I need to base a model instead of making the trek across the living room for the ballast I can open the bottle dip the base into the bottle shake off excess and close bottle.

Basing material, ballast.  Beige is used for my Eldar.  Black for Dark Eldar.  Red Iron Deathwing and Noir Engel.

When filling the pill bottles there's a problem.  The more you need to dip the bottle less likely you'll fill it.

Use the cap as a scoop.

All pill bottles filled!

Tada!  Model and basing material holder.

Pill bottle is big enough to dip a 28mm base into it.

Larger pill bottle works for 40mm bases.  You can pour some of the ballast into the cap so you can cover the base instead of twisting the base around in the basing material.

Figured someone else might find this useful.

slainte mhath


  1. Neat, makes for a tidy work area and would be handy for those with limited space. A very theft worthy idea!

    1. Spot on observation, Zab. These would could be of use for those with limited space. Like myself.


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