Saturday, February 23, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Wraithsight, Wrecked Vehicles, Move Through Cover

Learned a couple rules from the other nights game.

Wraithsight 4th ed Eldar Codex pg 47

At the start of its own turn, roll a D6 for each Wraithlord that is not within 6" of a friendly psyker.

Context: In the game the other day I asked if a Wraithlord was within 12" of the Farseer.  Opponent mentioned Farseers don't count.  Only Warlocks.  Turns out it's any friendly psyker and 6" not 12"  Need to remember this for next time.

Wrecked Vehicles 40k6 pg 74

Wrecked vehicles are left on the table and effectively become a piece of terrain (conferring 5+ cover save) counting as both difficult and dangerous terrain.

Context: When Rhino was wrecked by War Walkers Grey Knights had to make tests for difficult and dangerous terrain.  This is a rule I've been wanting to use.  Repetition and redundancy.

Move Through Cover 40k6 pg 40

The Move Through Cover special rule has no effect on charge range rolls or Impact tests (see page 93).

Context: Shawn wanted to confirm that since Avatar was a Monstrous Creature and would roll 3D6 when moving through difficult terrain.  Also wanted to see if it affected charging as well.  It does not.

slainte mhath


  1. Wraith sight is 6" from any friendly psyker 12" if warlock is upgraded to seer

    1. Nice catch, Ayce00! Didn't ask if it was a Spiritseer. Will have to ask you next time.

  2. With wrecked vehicles you don't need to test as you are disembarking, correct? They aren't wrecked at that point only after you have disemabarked. This also means you can't place models on top of the vehicle when disembarking due to it still being impassable terrain at that point. These are all things that happened in 5th and I still believe happen in 6th.

    1. That is correct. Passangers do not test difficult terrain when leaving a wreck. They disembark normally per 40k6 pg 80. Explode they are placed where the vehicle was.


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