Monday, January 20, 2014

Ebay Tyranids Hive Crone part 3

Work on this guy is going damned fast.  Which is great.  There is a lot of work on my plate to complete before moving to other projects.  Shawn handed me a whole new set of Eldar to paint.  That will help with bills and securing my Eldar wraith army.

Ice Blue for second highlight on arm and hand.

JJ painting, as some of you know things aren't going very well in JJ-land.  Lots of downs, few ups.  Seems like one hit after another keeps coming.  Paint through these trying times.

Something happened before these events, something will happen after.  Just breathe. (I've told a lot of people those lines)

As always giving credit where it's due.  Thanks to 40k buddy Joe x and Brandon from GMM studios for inspiration on the carapace.

That's one thing I love about painting models.  Sometimes you get so excited you skip a part.  Noticed the hand didn't get the Ice Blue highlight like the rest of the model.

Sec second highlight 1:5 Ice Blue/Army Painter Mat White.

Took this pic to show the reason for multiple thin coats compared to one thick coat.  From left to right, first shell has three coats of Ushabti Bone, second has two, third and fourth only one.  Don't lay paint down heavy.  Always thin your paints.  Also when you're using lighter paints over darker colours, like black, expect to go over it again.

First highlight Dheneb Stone.

Second highlight Army Painter Mat White.

Tongue based Liche Purple.

First highlight 1:5 Ice Blue/Liche Purple

Second highlight 3:5 Ice Blue/Liche Purple

Throat and spikes on tongue Ice blue.

Highlight for throat and spikes Army Painter Mat White.

slainte mhath


  1. She's looking great. Really love how the skin looks.It really pops.

    1. Thanks, Evan S. Skin was extremely fun to paint.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Zab. It was all in head and looked great. Was a bit worried how it would turn out.

  3. Defo stealing this paint scheme, looks fantastic!

    1. Glad you like it, Relentless. Like to see some pics if you give it a go.

    2. I'm only just getting back into it from when I was a youth so haven't painted in years! Is it possible to get the same airbrush technique you have her with brushes alone? Or is the air brush the way to go sooner rather than later?

    3. Painting misses you, Relentless. James Wappel has done some phenomenal stuff with a certain type of brush. Don't remember the name. It looks exactly like an airbrush. Yes it can be done if you have the skill. Airbrushes are not a requirement. If you want to use one I'd suggest doing it sooner than later.

  4. And is it good enough to start with a reasonably priced setup to learn the craft before investing a bit more dough?

    1. Yes. Don't bother getting an expensive airbrush. Figure out if like it before committing. You have great questions, Relentless.

      This is what I purchased for my first airbrush. At the time it was 100$.

  5. I'm happy to keep asking questions if your happy to keep answering!
    I've found this one on eBay as I've heard having a tank is much better, any good?


    1. More than happy to answer any questions you have. This has been fun.

      Tank is useful when using your airbrush for long periods, the compressor can take more frequent breaks. Any compressor you purchase should have some sort of auto-shutoff. Some continue to run whether you're using the airbrush or not. Advise steering clear of those.

      The kit looks good. Not sure how the colour cup connects to the airbrush. There is a siphon feed airbrush which is great. Most people use gravity feed because they find it easier to work with. Others find siphon feed easier. Both have their pros and cons.

      If it doesn't break your bank and you're comfortable with trying out airbrush, purchase the kit.

      Good and bad thing about buying kits like this are; Good: doesn't cost a lot. Hardly anything invested, you can drop it with little guilt. Bad: if you do like airbrushing you'll end up purchasing an airbrush that cost significantly more than your starter kit. At least that's what happened to me.

  6. Thank you for having a look for me! I think I will go the cheap route to start and then if and when I need too, get a better brush. I'm assuming I would be able to keep the same compressor set up?

    I have a box of gaunts all assembled and under coated so going to touch brush to plastic tonight for the first time since I was about 14! Do you have a hive name for this paint scheme at all?

    1. My pleasure. Absolutely you'll be able to keep the same compressor. The only thing you may need to purchase, should you get into airbrushing, is a 1/8" to 1/5" quick connect for badger airbrushes. Most airbrushes have the same connection for the hose. However badger has their own type of connection. Which can be bothersome if you're switching out airbrushes in the middle of a job. Hence the quick connect.

      Gaunts will be a great set to practice your airbrushing on. Suggestion use airbrush paint or thin down any paint before you put it in the colour cup. Don't have a hive name for this paint scheme. When I put it up on ebay I titled it "Render of Worlds." Doing a quick english to latin translator one can name the fleet Mundum Reddat = world render. Translating Render of Worlds doesn't have a ring to it.

    2. Nice I like it...I am going to steal it if you don't mind? I'm going to start a blog with my progress and will link the inspiration and where I stole it from to you.

      I completed one gaunt tonight by hand to just see how I would fair and what the colour scheme was like and it actually turned out ok considering it's been 13 years!

    3. Yeah, you can steal it. Though I think there's a better name out there. Reddat is a little too close to reddit. I'm looking up some legendary monsters that have destroyed worlds. Please start a blog. They are super fun. Can be demanding. Still super fun. Thanks for the reference.

      Please send me a pic of the gaunt. sallueleh at gmail dot com I'd like to see it.

    4. Thanks.

      Doing a google search for "legendary monsters that destroy worlds" one hit caught my eye.

      Personally like Lusca.

    5. Received your pic. Will say there's a lot of promise in your work. Also have to say following that paint style it shouldn't take you too long to paint up an entire army of them.

      Definitely know where you're going with the scheme. Kudos to you.

    6. Thanks a lot :)

      I'm going to maybe just give a white dry brush to finish it off and bring out a bit of detail and see what that is like. Then when I'm happy,mill start painting them in batch. I wonder as well maybe drop some purple into some of the other detail bits and bobs

      Like the Luca name...but I imagine the mogolian death worm as a more tyranid thing, like a Mawlok or tervigon. Just need to find a better name for it!

    7. You're welcome.

      Give it a go with the white drybrush. Please send me a pic.

      Good call. Perhaps a monster with a latin or italian name. Looking through this website

      Looks like we found it.

      Olgoi-Khorkhoi. Possible name for your Tyranid fleet.


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