Thursday, December 27, 2012

6th ed Rules of the Game: Abaddon, Charging through Difficult terrain, Ghosthelm (Perils of the Warp) and Witchblade

Here are several things I picked up from the game last weekend.

Howling Banshees are Harlequins.  Still kicking myself for forgetting my clowns at home.

Abaddon; Mark of Chaos Ascendant 6th ed Chaos Space Marines codex pg 57

If Abaddon is included in your primary detachment, he must be your Warlord.

Context: When considering Slay the Warlord VP I asked Chubb's who's his warlord to see if I can get that Victory Point.  He said Abaddon.  Told him I thought Ahriman would be his warlord.   That's when Chubb's told me that if Abaddon is in the army he's always the warlord.  Pulled out the book and yep.  Only if he's in your primary detatchment.

Charging Through Difficult Terrain 40k6 pg 22

However, to represent the uneven pace of a charge, the unit rolls 3D6, rather than 2D6, and uses the two lowest results as its charge range.

Context: Chubb's did a charge through difficult terrain in our last game.  That is when he used the two lowest rather than the highest.  Somehow must have mixed that up with 5th ed rules.  If I remember correctly 5th ed charging rules were 2D6 use the highest.

Ghosthelm 4th ed Eldar codex pg 26

Eldar FAQ pg 3 top left

Q: Can the roll to prevent Perils of the Warp be re-rolled if the Farseer’s unit has Fortune cast upon it? (p28)
A: No.

Context: Failed a psychic test.  Ghosthelm allows you to prevent Perils of the Warp on a 3+.  Wondered if Fortune allowed a re-roll.  4th ed Elder codex pg 28 Fortune specifically says "This unit re-rolls any failed saves it must make until the start of the next Eldar turn."  I said no because it is not a save.  Shawn was nearby and looked it up the FAQ.  It doesn't specifically state the entry is about the Ghosthelm, I'm comfortable with making the thinking error this entry is about the Ghosthelm.

Witchblade 40k6 pg 61

Type: Melee, Armourbane, Fleshbane

Armourbane 40k6 pg 33

If a model has the special rule, or is attacking with a Melee weapon that has this special rule, it rolls 2D6 for armour penetration in close combat.

Context: After the game was wrapped up Shawn was talking about using Witchblades against vehicles that it's Str+2D6, so 3+2D6 to pen armour.  If you're like me who has multiple editions of this game swimming through his head this can be a bit confusing.  In 5th Witchblade was Strength 9 against vehicles.  Good thing Shawn informed me about this.

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