Wednesday, September 4, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: The Scouring Primary Objectives, Set Up Fortifications and Barrage

Here are several rules from last game.

JJ typing, The Scouring; Placing Primary Objectives 40k6 pg 129.

Immediately before deciding whether or not to attempt to Seize the Initiative, flip the six markers over to reveal how many Victory Points they are worth.

Context: Apparently I never completely read this part of the mission.  After deployment Shawn said it was time to flip over the objectives to find out what each point cost they were.  I thought you flipped them when you arrived at them like Mysterious Objectives.  Read the rule and we were both incorrect.  Point counters are flipped before seize for initiative.  Good rule to learn.

Set Up Fortification, 40k6 pg 120.

If both players have one ore more fortifications then take it in turns to deploy them, starting iwth the player who chose table halves.

Context: Shawn asked a question that I wasn't sure about.  We both had Aegis lines to set up.  He asked who sets up first.  Looked it up and whoever chose table sides sets up fortifications first.

Barrage first bullet point, 40k6 pg 34

*Barrage weapons can fire indirectly.  This means they can fire at a target they do not have to line of sight to and/or a target that is within the weapon's minimum range (if it has one).  When firing indirectly, the Ballistic Skill of the firer is not subtracted from the scatter distance; unless a Hit! is rolled on the scatter dice, the blast marker always scatters a full 2D6".

Context: This is one of those type of rules that we read and for some reason or another it stays firmly planted in one's mind.  Should it occur you're glad it stuck for some reason.  Vaul Wrath Support Battery fired Shadow Weavers at Grey Knights behind a building.  Shawn and I went over this rule in specific detail to make sure we didn't miss anything.

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