Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hey this is Suijin. I will be adding in some articles here on HtLa40k. My primary additions right now will be for Sisters of Battle and Raven Guard since that just came out. SoB are really the only army I have played in 40K, and I am looking to provide some insights into this less played army.

Right now this army is the only one where you can't buy the codex from GW.  Your options if you want to legally have the codex is to hunt down and buy the 2 White Dwarf issues that contained it (issues #285 & 286 US).
There are some rumors of SoB getting something in the near future.  My best guess is some form of digital codex through itunes at the very least. There is no way they will get any kind of complete update as in a full codex anytime soon, but it does sound like things are in the works.

Anyway thanks for reading, and I'll see you here on the blog.


  1. Welcome Suijin!! I'm looking forward to seeing both armies, but particularly the raven guard! As a due hard SM player, I love to see other people's SM armies!

  2. Can't wait to see some Sisters articles. They are such a rare army these days, I would love to see how they are working in 6th Ed!


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