Thursday, September 5, 2013

SGP Sales Eldar Wave Serpent Waltz part 5

Mottled blue is turning out to be much harder than expected.

JJ painting, overcorrection.  That is the term they use for beginning drivers that turn the steering wheel from right to left in hope of staying within the lane.  This causes the car to swerve from left to right.  Fixed the areas where yellow wasn't supposed to go but did.

Looking at the top hull Tues I thought the blues were mottled enough.  Wanted the blues to be smaller and closer together.

Before more mottling.

Left panel looks a lot better.

Left has the smaller mottled.  Right larger mottled.  Thoughts?

slainte mhath


  1. Looking good! I think the mottling turned out pretty cool, though I might recommend trying to use a slightly larger/more irregular applicator to help keep the blotches of color from being quite so uniform in size/shape. Love the fading on the yellow plates, that's really cool!

    Keep up the great work, man!

    1. Thanks. That is an excellent suggestion, Mordian7th. Something I've been constantly thinking about. This will be the theme for my Wraith army. What would suggest for the blotches?

      Fade on yellow is to cover up overspray. Though i have really liked it and have an idea to make the fade look better.

    2. For the blotches, I would use the sponge from a makeup applicator. I used them lightly on my tau stealth suit, and loved the effect. For these, I'd just go a bit more heavy handed!

    3. Tried a sponge before and didn't find it that useful. Perhaps I'll use a different sponge. Will have to cyberstalk your site to find those Tau done with the sponde, 17yearoldehobbyist.

    4. The sponges are basically these:

      I bummed them off of my sister and liked the effect. I'm not sure how it would scale up, but experimentation is necessary for new techniques to surface!

    5. Thanks for the link. That is something I'll keep my eye out for. Think I'll flip over the top hull for practice.

  2. I like the bigger mottling. It reads better on the large areas. I also love the high contrast on the yellow blends. Try getting your hands on the foam that is used for mini carrying cases and ripping it into random little chunks to get some fun random shapes and sizes. DO NOT rip up your significant others make up sponges (I still have scars from that unfortunate bit of ill considered hobby mania).

    1. hmm, you have me thinking. So a smaller areas smaller mottling? Large areas larger mottling?

      I have some of that foam. Feel silly, something Mordian7th and 17yearoldehobbyist were probably saying, rip up the foam for different layers of surface. Will definitely give that a go. If it works I will yell in frustration.

      That's a bit funny, Zab. Haven't heavily considered buying a make-up stipple brush. Will be buying some stuff near that isle at Target later today. Will give it a look.

      Question about yellow blend. Should the fade be only on one side of the panel or both sides? Been wrestling with that.

    2. About the yellow blend. Initially, it was bothering me but I couldn't figure out why because the colors look good and the technique is also good. I think that the reason I'm not a fan of it is because the gradient doesn't make sense. The shadow areas would have to be consistent given the "light source". I think that making the dark end of the gradient be on the outside edge of the hull would make more sense. Because right now, the yellow panels look like they are shaped weird and each have their own light source.
      If you want the fade to be one two sides, it will give the illusion of a raised center area, much like a cylinder. Up to you, but I don't think I would choose that given the flat panel on the grav tank hull. I generally try and work with the model, not against it.

      These are going to be awesome when done. Can't wait to see some Wraith units!

    3. Aye - small applicator for infantry/bikes/dreads (the makeup applicator works wonders here), bigger one for larger vehicles (usually I'll tear up some household sponges). For the Alaitoc I did a little while ago I used some of the pluck-foam I'd pulled out of the battlefoam trays. Sort of tore the foam on the diagonal and left it really rough and ragged, which helped keep the mottling very randomized. One thing to bear in mind is how 'fine' the bubbles in the foam are. The higher density foam from the battlefoam trays gives a much more tight pattern than you'll get from the looser bubble patterns you'll get from a basic kitchen sponge. Definitely worth trying a number of different kinds, they all have their uses!

    4. Spellduckwrong, yellow panels and fade gives me some good food for thought. I think I'll go with your fade on the outside. Also thought of something that would increase the asking price of the models. Something I really want to do.

      I also can't wait for my Wraiths. Will have to wait patiently for funds from clients. All good things.

      Thanks for the feedback, Mordian7th. You, 17yearholdhobbyist and Zab have convinced me to try pluck foam.


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