Sunday, September 8, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Challenges Assault Results and Morale test in Movement

Here are several more rules from last game.

JJ typing,  Challenges; Assault Result 40k6 pg 65.

Unsaved Wounds caused in a challenge count towards the assault result, alongside any unsaved Wounds caused by the rest of the characters units.

Context: This has to be one of the most important 6th ed rules I've learned yet.  Shining Spears charged Purifiers.  Exarch issued a challenge and Knight of the Flame accepted.  Exarch fell Knigth.  Purifiers with Cleansing Flame and Halfberds took out 3 Shining Spears.  Question was: Does the exarch have to make a Leadership roll since he was in a challenge.  The answer is yes.  Doh!  Forgot to roll Sweeping Advance.  Grr.

(Deja-vu regarding this next rule)  Another duplicate.  In fact exact same situation originally posted Back on 22nd May 2013

Morale; When to Test 40k6 pg 29 first bullet point

*Casualties: A unit losing 25% or more of its current models during a single Movement or Shooting phase must take a Morale check at the end of that phase.


Next turn, the unit, now three strong, suffers a single casualty from a Dangerous Terrain  test in the Movement phase, which is now enough to for it to have to take another Morale check.

Context: Opponent moved Jetbikes onto objective which was in Difficult Terrain.  Lost one jetbike due to Danger Terrain test.  Informed about losing 25% and having to roll Morale.  Again he said that is for shooting only.  Informed him it is for both Movement and Shooting.

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