Monday, September 16, 2013

142 Hours Challenge

My first official commission.  Terribly excited!

JJ modelling, Sun Sept 1 Toni emailed me wanting a few questions answered.  After answering those questions he said he was definitely interested in me painting up some models.  We emailed more about what he wants and told me he would contact me Sept 8th or 9th to let me know.  Received an email from him on Sept 7th saying he was going to have me paint his Eldar army.  Damn was I excited.  We talked at great length about what he wanted done with his army.  He was going to PayPal me the cash to purchase the models.  I would purchase them with a discount.  Put them together and paint them.  He wants me to put them in a P.A.C.K. 720 carry case and ship the whole thing to him.

I thanked him profusely for the opportunity.  Stopped by Fantasy Flight last Fri and picked up as much as I could.  Unfortunately not as much as I wanted.  Made a special order for the rest.

Couple of weeks ago purchased a bottle of ChocoVine.  Chocolate wine.  Tastes like chocolate milk, damn delicious.  To celebrate completing the Wave Serpent Waltz.  Decided this was one hell of thing to celebrate.  Here's to Toni.  Thanks for commissioning me to paint your Eldar army.

Special order was made for the rest.  Unfortunately we're at the mercy of  GW.  Last time I special ordered something it took six weeks to get them.  Hopefully they'll arrive sooner than later.

Toni has a killer list.  He's going to win games with it.

Models he's having me paint:

Autarch on a Jetbike
Farseer on a Jetbike, I'll make one.
2 Warlocks on Jetbikes, also make.
Five Dire Avengers
Ten Wraithguard magnetized to be Wraithblades
Twelve Jetbikes
Three Wave Serpents
Three War Walkers
Two Fire Prisms

Thanks again, Toni.  Going to put my best into these models.  He's looking for a blue/black space theme.

Now begins the 142 hours challenge.  If I can finish this army in 142 hours it would be the same as if I was working at my rent paying gig.  Told this to several people.  Many wished me good luck.  Brandon from GMM studios says the more you paint the fast you get.  We'll find out.

As of now there are 138 hrs left.  Damn this is going to be fun.

slainte mhath


  1. Congrats. I wish you luck with it, and I can't wait to see your progress!

    1. Thanks, 17yearoldhobbyist! This will be a fun ride.

  2. Congrats man! Looking forward to seeing 'em come together - looks to be a fun commission to work on!

    1. Thanks, Mordian7th. The colour pallet is going to be a bit of challenge. Already thinking about ways to work around it. No red or silver. Silver is a stock colour of mine. This will be good not using it.

  3. Be wary with the sneaks up on you ;)

    1. Hell yeah it does! Snuck up on me Sat night. Finished the rest off Sun.

  4. Love that far seer. I want to buy one just to convert so it looks like he's carrying a gui-tah!

    1. Then you'll need to get three warlocks behind him on electronic drums and keyboards.

  5. Congratulations! I wish you success in your endeavor.


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