Saturday, September 28, 2013

Autumn Brew Review 13

I've waited three years for this ABR.  Damn this is going to be fun.  Please enjoy your Sat.

JJ typing, again it is that time of the year.  Much like CONvergence.  Except this time it's Autumn Brew Review.

This is my fifth year attending this awesome event.  Fourth year with my dear friend Donnie.  Last year fellow gamer LT joined us and is coming again this year.  Even Jake from the gas station is planning on joining us.  Unfortunately my close friend Bryan was called in so he can't join us.  There is next year.  Good friend Dustin moved to Chicago for a different position in his job.  Will miss hanging out at place before and after the event.

Picked up five tickets.  3,000 tickets were sold in just over an hour.  Every year the event sells out a little bit faster.  First year I went tickets were still available a couple of days after they went on sale.  Last year someone was asking if anyone had a ticket for sale.  Thought about purchasing an extra ticket but didn't.  Purchased five tickets this year, four for our crew with plans to sell one at the event for a little bit of a profit.  However Jake purchased it.  Now that there's an extra ticket I can practice my entrepreneurship.

Last year picked up two bottles of awesome root beer.  Plan to return the bottles to them and hopefully buy two more.  Been meaning to cyberstalk them to figure out if they have a store where I can buy more.  Damn last year went fast.  Next year I imagine will go even faster.

Link: Glewwe Castles Root Beer

ABR is great.  As my dear friend Donnie said after his first year: It wasn't what I was expecting, but so much better than what I ever thought it could be.  Last year he broke a bone in his foot to avoid breaking his glass.  That's what I call sacrifice.  He was running to get one more sample before it ended.  Damn that foot swelled up.

Should you ever get the chance to attend one of these I highly suggest it.


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