Friday, September 13, 2013

Use Your Power for Good not Evil

Buddy on crapbook brought this to my attention.  "Some unmentionables vandalazied this restaurant's exterior in south Minneapolis. I can swing a brush, but there's folks better at this kind of stuff than I am who may be up for it. JJ - you know the place? Anyone else wanna lend a brush for some good noms?"

JJ painting, stopped by and spoke to Patty.  Talked about her expectations.  First thing I broke to her was the rocks and shoals of reality.  "They're going to tag it again."  She accepted it and admitted to already thinking it.  The restaurant has a Godfather theme.  She wanted to keep the art work.  Lucky for her this side was tagged.  Had it been any other side it would've been far more difficult to fix.

Stopped by last Sat, the 7th.  Took some pictures.  Showed her my site and blog, didn't think to bring the iPad.  Will do next time someone wants me to do work for them.  She talked about payment.  Told her that we would talk about that later.  She wanted the traffic box done before the snow started to fly.  She mentioned she wanted lines from the Godfather movies on the second traffic box, right of the one in the pic.  She started talking about what to do with the second one.  I told her: People are weird.  You've been around longer than I have.  You know this.  Let's do the first box.  After that we can talk about the second.  One job at a time.

Good thing taggers don't understand where to truly damage art.  He/She went for the middle not the detailed top or bottom.  That would've been far harder to fix.  Patty gave me $50 to buy supplies for the paint job.  Stopped by after work last night, cancelled dinner plans.  Worked on it for about 2.5 hrs.  Enjoyed a beer after cleaning up after myself.  Should things go well with this paint job I'll take my Love here and enjoy food and beverages on the house.

Guess this mural is when they are hanging up the sign on the Imports Company.  I've seen all the Godfather movies.  Can't remember which part this mural refers to.  Weather last night was great.  High of 76 degrees.  Only had to work in the sun for about 30 mins before it slipped behind the trees.  Oh, painting outside at night is horrible.  Don't paint at night because of poor lighting.  That's my pro-tip of the day.

This was damned funny.  After cleaning up had to take a leak.  Loved it.  I say more signs of this should be around.

We're artists.  So are taggers.  It is your choice how you use your ability.  Given half the opportunity to correct tagging, please do so.  Give back to your community.  Understand you are not an island and your neighbours actions directly affect you.  As I said to my Love recently and will share with all of you, 40k'ers.  We are building something great together.

As VNV Nation closes their concerts I'll close this post the same.

No need of Sun to light the way
Across the ages, we have reigned as we endured
Through the storm fronts we will ever surely pass
To stand as neverending light

Let there be, let there always be neverending light


  1. Great post, great work. Period.
    Unfortunately, I sometimes get chucked in with taggers as a class of people. Most of them are teens, and people seem to think we're all the same. Of remove tagging if I had the time, just to stick it to the taggers, and those who misjudge teens!

  2. You just gained some more credit at the Bank of Karma, I would wager.

    1. Didn't even consider that, Spellduckwrong.


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