Monday, September 9, 2013

How to Lose Against Daemons: a Grey Knights Battle Report

13.9.7 Grey Knights vs Chaos Daemons.  This was a fun game.  Game plan I meant to use last game against Connor however his deployment didn't allow me to do it.

Again just like the Black Library books.  Chaos are amongst the Grey Knights.  Stewards of the Imperium fighting against their destined foes.

JJ playing, met Connor at Fantasy Flight for a make up game.  Stood him up Wed.  Met him Sat after a meeting a Jakeeno's Pizza shop.

Wore my red Permanent Skin Art t-shirt.

Mission: Emperor's Will.  Deployment: Vanguard Strike.

Connor won roll off.  Decided to go first.

Our theatre of massacre Saturday.

Attempted to seize initiative.  Failed.

Top of first.  Daemons come in hot.  Three Khorne dogs squads, Flesh Hounds, with Heralds move in for second turn assault.  Lord of Change takes to flight.  Flyer stands and Slaanesh chariot are Soul Grinders.   Soul Grinders battle canons are quite mean and not a fan of Space Marine armour.  Lord of Change removes Vindicare in bell tower.  First Blood Daemons 1 VP.

Bottom of first.  This is the game plan I wanted to run last time.  Change my target priority.  Instead of focusing on the dogs.  Shoot at other targets to see how the game goes.  It sort of went the way I thought.  Lord of Change takes two wounds.   Thank goodness to its re-roll failed invulnerable saves.  A few dogs are removed.  There will be a storm front appearing soon.

Top of second.  Contact is made with daemons as about twenty dogs assault Purifiers.  All Psyhinos, rhinos with psyammunition, are wrecked from Heralds attacks.  Cleansing Flame does a great job removing dogs.  Halberds are also helpful.  However Heralds massive amount of attacks and AP 2 weapon easily dispatches Purifiers.  Lord of Change attempts to cast psychic power thank you Reinforced Aegis for dropping the psychic test.

Close of assault bottom of second.  Crowe assaults Lord of Change.

Bottom of second.  Lord of Change continues to make amazing saves.  Psyflemen and two Squad of Purifiers eventually ground the beast.  Forgot the S 9 hit for landing, doh!  With one wound left Crowe has the opportunity to pull a feat of heroism.  He assaults the Lord of Change.  Only hits once and wounds.  The denizen of the warp fails its save.  Connor and I take a breath to see if he makes his re-roll.  Lord of Change fails its re-roll invulnerable save and is sent back to the warp.  We were both terribly excited.  It made a ton of saves with its re-roll.  Slay the Warlord Grey Knights 1 VP.  Second VP because Crowe defeated a character in a challenge due to Warlord Trait.  Thanks for that, Connor.

Top of third.  Khorne dogs have done a great job.  Almost all Purifiers are removed off the field with Ordinance from Soul Grinders.  This is how you lose against a daemon army.  As I've done in every game before I've focused on fast moving  incoming units, the immediate threat.  Then worked on the rest of the army.  Ignore them at your peril, most likely your lose.  Plague Bearers arrive from reserve and run to both objectives.  Really need to stop doing that with my objective.

Bottom of third.  There are few Purifiers and Khorne dogs on the field.  Soul Grinder on his way to assault Psyflemen is immobilized.  Connor is not pleased.  He says it isn't fair.  Crowe challenges a Herald and removes it. Grey Knights three VPs because of Warlord Trait.

Top of fourth.  Herald and last two Khorne dogs remove all the Purifiers and Crowe.  Slay the Warlord Daemons 1 VP, total 2.  Only Psyflemen remain.

Bottom of fourth.   Psyflemen remove last two dogs and Herald and explodes one Soul Grinder. 

Top of fifth.  Ordnance takes one Psyflemens arm

Bottom of fifth.  Some shooting and nothing happens.  Soul Grinder Ap 13 is rough.

Time to see if turn 6 appears. 4 does it.

Top of sixth.  Soul Grinder makes it into assault with Psyflemen.  Connor laughs because Psyflemen can't do anything to Soul Grinder because its S 6 as Connor says "Suck it!" with a pumping motion.

Bottom of sixth.  Some shooting at immediate threat and nothing.  Connor did a great job looking at his list and figuring out how to complement it.  Soul Grinders are a great addition.  Kudos, Connor.

Wasn't til half way through this turn Connor says this is turn seven.  Turns were going by so fast didn't even think to roll.

Top of seventh.  Soul Grinder takes out another Psyflemen.

Bottom of seventh.  More Psyflemen shooting and more nothing.  One more turn and he would've tabled me.

Lose 8-3 Daemons

Vindicare being off by himself somewhere in the field gives up first blood a lot.  He's almost always done better near the front line.  Still he attracts a lot of attention.  Which I think is a great thing in some circumstances.

Things I've learned about this game that didn't occur to me before.  I put my objective out of my own reach most of the time.  That changes as of this game.

When facing an assault army have all Purifiers out of the tanks.  Take advantage of those storm bolter shots.

slainte mhath


  1. Plague Bearers cannot run after arriving from Deep Strike due to the fact that they are Slow and Purposeful.


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