Monday, September 23, 2013

Dire Avengers part 2

Finally was able to put some time into Toni's Dire Avengers.  This week has not been cooperative to let me paint.  Especially since GTA V was just released.  That will change soon.

JJ painting, it has been too long since I've been at the table.  Looking forward to ramping up the productivity of the murder table.  Plan is to be done with Toni's army mid/late Nov.  Toni and I are expecting late Nov/Dec would be great to surprise him.

Update for the Silver Gargoyle Productions Free Painted Model giveaway.  Special ordered the model Radagast the Brown last week.  It has shipped.  Has yet to arrive at Fantasy Flight.  Will most likely arrive next week.  Informed Neil when I'll be painting him and when to expect the post to land.

135 hours remain of my 142 hour challenge.  Tomorrow will be all about detail and hopefully moving onto another model.  Preferably Spiritseer.  I'll find out.

slainte mhath


  1. I always loved the look of black with blue highlights. These guys are class! Bit confused over some wording: are you planning to be done in Nov, and he's expecting Dec? Either way, he'll be happy with these minis!!

    1. Thanks, 17yearoldhobbyist. I'm taking late Nov/Dec means end of Nov and beginning of Dec. Hope he does like them.

  2. Very nice. i too like the darker look to dire avengers. They usually come out looking too close to ultra marine blue. Keep it grimdark!

    1. Right with you, Zab. Always hated how Dire Avengers looked like Ultramarines. Agreed, keep it grimdark.



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