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13.11.18 1850 Necrons vs Grey Knights

Met Connor for the game that 40k buddy Simon suggested over a year ago.

JJ playing, over a year ago when I was struggling with my Grey Knights.  Simon suggested for him to use my army to play against me so that I will see where it suffers.

Wore my utilikilt and '11 CONvergence Connie hoodie.

Mission: The Emperor's Will.  Deployment: Vanguard Strike.

Each objective is inside enemy deployment.  Almost directly across from each other.

Our table of "discussion."

I win roll off and decided to go deploy and go second.

Grey Knight's deployment.

Necron's deployment.

Try to seize initiative and roll a 5.  Grey Knights go first.  Now I remember that Imotekh seizes on a 4+, grrrrrrrr!  Relearning the vagaries of this army painful bit by painful bit.  Night Fight because of the Storm Lord.

Top of first.  Grey Knights pull towards the middle to gain some distance on eventually charging Scarabs.  Psyflemen and Psycannons do some great shooting and three Wraiths are removed.  Connor says he moved wrong.  Forgot I don't have any Night Scythes and should've charged his army towards my objective and leave one combat squad on his objective.  Vindicare fails to wound Imotekh.

Bottom of first.  Spawn Scarabs in far corner.  Move Wraiths behind building to avoid more Psyflemen and Psycannon shots.  Imotekh's lightning takes down one Psyflemen.

Top of second.  Last three of one Wraith squad are removed.  Grey Knights 1 VP First Blood.  Couple Wraiths are removed from other squad.  C'tan takes a wound from the Vindicare.  That model seems destined to die every game I use him.  Think he's only survived one game.  Yeah, only one game against Orks.

Bottom of second.  More Scarabs and move to launch assault next turn.  Time Lord Orikan allows both Warrior squads to come in from reserves.  Five warriors and Lightning remove Vindicare.  Lightning wrecks a Psyhino.  Should've take the for sure thing.  Moved Wraiths 6" not 12" wanting to assault a Psyhino, should've moved them 12".  C'tan is ready to take on Crowe.  Unfortunately can't make either assault even though they are within my "7 inch assault rule."  Has to happen sometime.  Completely forgot to re-roll assault because of jump units, double grrrr!

Top of third.  Psyhino immobilises itself due to the trick.  A lot of shooting and all Wraiths are removed.  C'tan takes several wounds from shooting.  Swear that model LOVES to fails saves.  Almost a professional at it.  Crowe comes and takes its last wound with 4+ rending.

Bottom of third.  More Scarabs.  Shooting at Crowe for that Slay the Warlord, saves the wound.  Lightning pops another Psyflemen.  Scarabs assault the Purifier line.  Psyhino and Psyflemen are both lunched due to Entropic Strike.  Love that ability.  Couple of Purifers are removed.  Didn't tie up nearly as much as I wanted to.  Over-extended myself and Spyders can't make more Scarabs.  Hopefully they last out.

Top of fourth.  No more lightning.  Crowe goes into hiding.  Purifiers assault in with halberds and hammers force weaponed.  Does a great number on Scarabs.  Just over half are removed.

Bottom of fourth.  Trying desperately to get Spyders within range.  Have only over-extended myself once before.  Normally they move up together.  Then again I haven't been running Spyders.  A lot of scarabs are removed due to cleansing flame, halberds and hammers.

Top of fifth unpictured.  Purifiers do some shooting into Canoptek Sypders.  Couple of wounds are spread across two.  Four remaining Scarabs are removed due to Purifier weapons.

Bottom of fifth.  Spyders come in hot and take out a hammer and two Purifiers remaining from a squad.  Couple more wounds and more Purifiers are removed.  At this point Connor is visibly worried with how close the Spyders getting.  Still have a lot of Grey Knights to go through.  Given one turn maybe two and I can pull off a win.  Which, to be frank, should've been done much earlier in the game as Connor said earlier.

Asked Connor if he wants to roll, he says doesn't want to.  Roll the die.  2 appears game ends.  Tie.

Purifiers on objective 3 VP, total 4.  Spyders make Line Breaker.  1 VP Necrons.  Always forget about line breaker.

Five Necron Warriors at other objective 3 VP, total 4.

4-4 Necrons to Grey Knights

Out of all the games of 40k I've ever played Connor dropped the most useful piece of tactics on me.  Something I've never really considered, may have done a couple of times.  Still never thought about it and it makes so much sense.

Connor mentioned that I should've been moving Scarabs up with Spyders running behind them while moving up Wraiths and C'tan so they all assault on the same turn.  As he said "Instead I'm fighting your army piece-meal. Shooting at Wraiths and C'tan.  Then fighting just Scarabs.  They should come in at the same time and force him to split up my firing."  That makes so much sense.  Now I have get another game in quick so I can do that with it fresh in my mind.

slainte mhath

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