Friday, November 22, 2013

Wraithguard/blades part 13

Completed painting armour plates on forearms.  Next is detail weapons.  Hopefully shouldn't take too long.

JJ painting, these are works in progress.  The number of pieces that are magnetised for Wraithguard/blades has taken over more space than any other project so far.

Commission for Toni.

slainte mhath


  1. Okay looking at all those parts I have to ask: how the hell are you going to ship those without all the spare magnetized parts pulling themselves into one giant fur ball in transit?

    1. Great question. Normally I don't plan things out. Do as I go, same way as I paint. Magnets came wrapped in these thin foam 4"x9" sheets. Perhaps wrap one plane at a time then tape it. Ultimately they are going to be a mess unless Toni is meticulous with handling the bits.

      Say, Zab. Cyberstalked your blog and didn't see the pic of Fianna (?) with the unintended NMM bra. Did you post her?

    2. Not yet. I have her finished her, but there will be a bunch of WIP posts first. Of course the auction for her goes up on ebay Monday so i'll have to update the blog again after my post tonight ;) All proceeds go to the brush fire relief effort in Australia plus there will be a little bonus charity contribution on top of that!

    3. Zab, I deeply admire you. Looking forward to seeing her.

  2. Already thought of that: several 1 Inch (0.5 Inch if possible) thick Battlefoam trays to lay out all the magnetized options, which would also help in transporting them to games and such.

    Btw these are looking great.


    1. Nicely planned, Toni. Pressure of the trays should keep the bits in place without them sliding around.

      Really glad you like them.


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