Tuesday, November 12, 2013

13.11.4 1850 Noir Engel vs Chaos Daemons

Here's a battle report from game with Shawn two Mondays ago.

JJ playing,

Wore my CONvergence '12 hoodie and utilikilt.

Won roll of decided to deploy and go first.  Night Fight first turn.

Our stage of walls.

Deployment, move the Land Raiders into a 12" line from middle.

Shawn didn't try to seize.
Top of first.  Behind Saruman's tower are Beasts of Nurgle in area terrain.  With Night Fight they get a 2+ cover save.  Plague bearers' are also in area terrain for a 2+ cover.  Master of the Forge and Techmarines with servitors are in Land Raiders.  One wound to Beasts.  No wounds to Bearers.  Shawn has Soul Grinders incoming.  They will easily lunch Marines with their phlegm and Raiders with that S10 powerfist.  Will have to ice skate uphill to win this game.  Using Iron Hands chapter tactics.

Bottom of first.  Daemon Prince takes to flight.  Turns are going fast.  They will remain to go fast.  Shawn and I are actually playing faster than his boys.  Not really BS'ing too much.

Top of second.  Forgot one Drop Pod in first turn.  Other comes in.  Before the game I told myself not to give away any easy VPs.  Meaning don't put a drop pod and troops within shot of Soul Grinders S8 AP3 large blast.  Well I decide to do just that.  Over extended myself and dropped a pod right at Bearers on objective.  Couple are removed.  Master with Techmarines and Servitors get out of Land Raiders after moving back.  Need to get away from flying Prince.  First Servitors with Heavy Bolters land Prince.  Prince doesn't take a wound.  Combined shooting from other Servitors and 10 Marines remove Prince.  Feel a bit better.  First Blood 1 VP.

When will learn, really?

Bottom of second.  Both Soul Grinders arrive from Reserves.  Shooting from both remove all 10 marines from over-extended drop pod.  Slow movement from Nurgle army out of ruins onto board to bolster support and ensure their hold on 4 and 3 VP objectives.

Top of third.  Everyone boards the Land Raiders again.  Really shouldn't have done that.  Those Heavy Bolter shots could've helped a little bit.  Some shooting into Bearers removes a few more.  Soul Grinders are not affected by Land Raiders.

Bottom of third.  Ku'gath comes out and starts his Necrotic missiles.  Few Marines are removed.  Soul Grinders help a little.

Top of fourth.  Servitors come out and start their shooting.  Lost several rounds of shooting in my opinion by leaving them in then embarking and disembarking.  Hopefully I'll learn next time the opportunity arises.  Moving some Marines to shoot at Bearers on objective.  Doesn't look good for me.  Trying to minimize the number of VP I'll lose by.

Bottom of fourth.  Daemons continue their slow movement up.  Soul Grinders have created an effective wall that I don't want to lose Land Raiders to.  More Marines are removed due to phlegm.  A lot of shooting removes Servitors left and right.  This is looking horrible.

Top of fifth.  Master, Techmarines and three Marines for infantry.  Damn this is going to hurt.  More shooting at Soul Grinders and my dice are not with me.  Only one hull point removed from one.  Even the re-roll for lascannons aren't helpful.

Bottom of fifth.  Three Marines removed due to shooting.  Only independent characters remain.

Shawn rolls a die to see if gave goes to turn six.  2 appears.

Lose 1-7 Chaos Daemons

Perhaps having Heavy Bolter Servitors out of Land Raiders the entire game would've been good for possibly taking more models off the field.  Maybe if I remembered the drop pod first turn it would've helped with an extra round of shooting then assault.  Mitigating the lose to 1-4.  Something to remember for next time.

slainte mhath


  1. It irks me so terribly when I forget about a unit that is deep-striking/outflanking/reserved. Granted, I giggle when I win anyway, but I also curse when it's a close loss. Lessons for the future.

    1. You're far luckier than I am. Agreed something for next time.


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