Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wraithguard/blades part 6

Loving the time I've been able to put into Toni's army.  Had a great All Hallows Eve.  Spent some time online and then at the murder table.  Originally thought I would be able to paint all the plates and highlight them in one sitting.  Then it hit me.

JJ painting, something Suijin said a couple of weeks ago echoed something I read from Dale Carnegie.  Acted upon it.  Thanks, Suijin.  These are works in progress.

Thank you, rest in peace, Dale.

This is a commission for Toni.  Now to find out which colour he prefers the plates.  Light or dark.

Only painted plates of two Wraithguard/blades.  Spent the rest of the time working on loinclothes and guns.  I don't know the artist, will find out before giving credit and going into more detail.  Really liked how the guns turned out.

That was fast.  Toni prefers the lighter plates.  This helps me for tomorrows, Fri, painting.  Now I can hopefully burn through them.  After lunch with Suijin.

130 hours remain.

slainte mhath


  1. What was echoed by Mr. Carnegie?

    1. Carnegie wrote about this guy who drew up advertisements for someone. He was constantly getting shot down. He then drew up half of an add and showed it to the guy. The guy liked it and provided feedback of what he wanted and what should be changed. He was successful with the guy after that.

      Couple of weeks ago Suijin suggested to paint up two models and ask which one was preferred. Completely forgot about it until Suijin said that.

    2. Agreed. Wish it would've occurred to me several weeks ago.


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