Thursday, November 7, 2013

Condemnor Boltgun Update

*Special note that this is exactly the same wording/rule that the weapon is printed with in the Grey Knight Codex. Which is unfortunate since that rule was FAQ'ed because it did not work with the rules. They FAQ'ed it to be the same as the Sisters of Battle WD codex version which requires the Psyker to take an unsaved wound from the stake crossbow. Hey, at least they cut the price down by 5 points, it used to be +15 points to add it to a model in the GK and SoB WD codices.

Suijin Typing:

The new Adepta Sororitas Codex has an Update:
So for those of us who have downloaded the codex all types/versions should be updated, go and re-download.

At first I thought "In many ways this is both a good ruling and much harder to make use of. You will have to maneuver so that the model you want to hit is actually the closest to your shooting. On the plus side, the hit can not be Look Out Sir'ed away as it isn't a wound but a hit".

Hey but wait a second, how do you determine if a psyker was hit? You roll to hit an entire unit, not just a single model in the unit, so does that mean that a hit on the unit means the psyker was hit since it is a part of the unit that was hit??? If there are multiple psykers are they they all counted as hit or do you just randomly choose one or something? I guess in play testing a guy at Black Library just chose a single psyker in the unit to get the Perils of the Warp.
This was before the update to the codex

So really we are kind of back at the same place where we don't know what the rule actually does even after they supposedly "fix" it. For reference here is the old rule as it was when the codex came out:

So they changed it from any unit hit to any psyker hit, but you don't usually "hit" a single psyker, so they didn't really change the rule so the unclear part was resolved. Either rule was clear when talking about a single model being shot that had the psyker rule. It was the multiple psykers thing that was one part of the question and the other being that an entire unit did not usually have the psyker rule if only some models were psykers (the exception being Grey Knights Brotherhood of Psykers which is clear in its rules). So I guess we are still waiting for an actual real ruling for this.

If you want more than one in a squad you need either Priests, Dominions, Sororitas Command Squad, or a Canoness. One place where I might have wanted on was on the Seraphim Superior due to their greater mobility, but they can't buy from the ranged weapon's list options.

I looked through a little bit more, but couldn't see any other changes. One difference between the Apple and epub editions is apparently in the Apple version a Seraphim Superior can take an eviscerator, where the epub Black Library version only allows Canonesses and Priests to take them (it is under the definition of the * on page 76).
Another change is this on page 74:
"Designer’s Note: Allies
To determine which armies your Adepta Sororitas detachments can ally with, replace the words ‘Sisters of Battle’ with ‘Adepta Sororitas’ on the Allies Matrix on page 113 of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook"

So mostly this is just a heads up for people that they at least tried to do a change, or for those just looking for information on the whole issue. Let me know if you want anything else clarified.

Other notes:
The Psyker henchmen in Grey Knights do not have the Psyker Special Rule. The Faq does imply they are "Psykers" though:

Page 3:
Q: W hen calculating the Assault value of the Culexus Assassin’s
Animus Speculum, how many Psykers does a unit of psykers such
as a unit of Grey Knights, Psykers in an Inquisitorial Henchman
Warband, or Imperial Guard Battle Psykers count as? (p21)
A: One.

Page 5:
Q: If a unit with the Brotherhood of Psykers special rule, a unit of
Inquisitorial Henchmen with one or more Psykers in it, or any other
similar unit containing multiple Psykers is within 12” of a Culexus
Assassin, does the presence of that unit add +1 to the Animus
Speculum’s Assault value or +1 for each Psychic model present in the
unit? (p53)
A: Such a unit contributes +1 to the Animus Speculum’s assault
value no matter how many Psykers it consist of, unless those
Psykers have the Independent Character special rule in which
case each such Psyker contributes a +1. 

Brotherhood of Psykers does allow the Perils to work due to ", or any attack that specifically targets psykers, " is included on page 21 of Grey Knights Codex.


  1. I'm torn down the middle on this one. Half of me wants to applaud the quick response to a major rules oversight. The other wants to face palm because they failed to fix the problem.
    Well, at least this shuts up the fools that were thinking one Bolter round was going to nuke a whole Seer Council.

    1. Well they really only addressed the issue of the previous rule where the unit needed to have the psyker rule (kinda meaning the entire unit since that property isn't something that transfers to the entire unit.

      Also. they really only changed it to be exactly the printed version of the Grey Knight Codex, which has been FAQed to be different due to these issues. So I think they may have just did a hasty change to what is printed in the GK codex without any thought.

    2. Hmm, looks like they should have changed it to what the Grey Knight FAQ was then. Strange behavior.

  2. I think the are rules are written in mind of the 5th ed book. Designers have too many editions floating around in their head. I suffer from the same issue.


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