Wednesday, November 6, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Moral Support, Jump Units Falling Back Move and Regrouping

Here are a few rules from last game.

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Moral Support (Get 'Im, Boss!), 40k6 pg 65.

It, at the start of any Fight sub-phase, one or more of your units is locked in combat with a single model who is fighting in a challenge, your character receives one re-roll for every five models forced to watch in this manner.  These re-rolls can be used on his To Hit rolls, To Wound rolls or saving throws.

Context: Celestine was with four Seraphim.  Suijin asked about that rule that let's someone re-roll.  Informed for every five models you get to re-roll a failed To Hit.  Connor was watching and said it is any roll.  Looked it up and he was right.  Not just To Hit but hit, wound and save.

Jump Units; Falling Back Moves, 40k6 pg 47.

Jump units always use their jump packs when falling back, and their Fall Back moves are 3d6", even if they already used their jump pack to move that turn.

Context: Seraphim failed their Morale roll and weren't sweeping advanced.  Suijin corrected me when I said fall back 2d6".  Jump units fall back 3d6".

Regrouping, 40k6 pg 31

Once a unit has regrouped, it cannot otherwise move (so cannot Run in Shooting phase or charge in Assault phase).  However, it can shoot (including Overwatch), but counts as having moved and can only fire Snap Shots.

Context: Seraphim regrouped and Suijin wondered what they can do.  This is one of the extremely few rules I've been waiting to exercise.  Informed they can do nothing except Snap Shot.

Personal note: I find this possibly to be the harshest change to the 6th ed rules.  Guess losing the 50% requirement to regroup was a good change.  Find this mean.  Not as mean as someone killing my alligator bags and shooting holes in my suits though.  That's just plain mean.

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