Monday, November 25, 2013

What does GW and Jimmy John's have in Common?

Like to share a recent experience with Games Workshop.

JJ typing, there are many people who have almost nothing but bad things to say about Games Workshop.  These complains seem almost rote.  You can even time them based on models and/or codexes released, even rumoured about.

Many of them see GW as this:


My days of complaining about GW, only about new editions being released never prices, is far behind me.  Either I've grown up, moved passed it, accepted it, new editions and codexes no longer bother me.  Change is one of the three laws.

I'd like to rave about my recent experience with GW.  Here are screen captures of my correspondence with GW.

Here are the attached pics.

Do you see that time stamp?  Response 3 minutes after sending the email.

This could've been concluded within 10 mins if I was eagle-eyeing my gmail.

Total time from my email to them sending out the bases 48 mins!  Amazing.

Back to the title.  What do they have in common?  Damn Fast!  Thanks, Games Workshop.

slainte mhath


  1. It's nice to see them turning the ship around. They were in some rough waters for a bit there and I think once they streamlined their core business it was easier for them to focus on their customers again, rather than trying to prop up this massive beast of a company.

  2. From a customer service perspective I've never had a complaint. If anything, they've been so helpful as to make me feel guilty. With finecast I had one hiveguard that was fixable, but had a decent air bubble in ONE arm. They sent me a brand new clamshell, no questions asked, didn't even ask me to provide a photo. I wasn't even calling to ask for a replacement so much as let them know about the batch.

    1. Funny that they were so helpful as to make you feel guilty. Great to hear. There are a few local people that had the same experience.


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